Waiting for Jack Franks

The Chicago Sun-Times ran a big story about Sharon Fairley’s announcing she would run for Illinois Attorney General.

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks told the Northwest Herald that he was considering running for the Democratic Party nomination for Attorney General.

That was right after incumbent Lisa Madigan announced that she was not running for a fifth ter
Now another Chicago Democrat has come out as a candidate.

The only woman so far, she is Sharon Fairley, the Chief Administrator of the Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability.

(Is that a title or what?)

In any event, those wondering if Franks is going to run for Illinois Attorney General are left waiting for him to make up his mind.


Waiting for Jack Franks — 12 Comments

  1. Huh?

    “The only woman so far”

    Did you mean relative to Democrats?

  2. Franks has delusions of grandeur; don’t count him out.

    But he’ll never actually run in an election, he’ll wait for Jesse White to drop out after the primary and grease the skids for his appointment.

  3. **Elaine Nekritz is running…**

    No, Nekritz has already announced that she is NOT running.

  4. If Jack gets Dart’s backing he is in and will get the Trial Lawyers, Bar Associations, and Cook County Police groups.

    It will be fun to watch as several Cook County Demmies split the vote and Jack wins the nomination with 30% of the vote.

  5. Franks isn’t running.

    I’ve already told you.

    And Charles – why, exactly, would the Trial Lawyers support Franks over Raoul?

  6. Franks is one of them.

    Kwame is a self serving political hack whom noone can trust.

  7. Charles — you don’t talk to many trial lawyers, do you.

    I can tell you that the trial lawyers are fans of Raoul.

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