Skillicorn Predicts Rauner Will Not Win Re-Election

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:


Allen Skillicorn

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL—Today, after promising not to do so, Governor Rauner signed HB40 into law–a bill that forces taxpayers to fund abortions.

There are many things this law will ensure. 

It will ensure that Illinois taxpayers will be paying $30M more in Medicaid they cannot afford.  It will ensure that thousands of babies will be aborted. 

It will ensure that no one will trust the commitments made by this Governor.

And, finally, it will ensure that Rauner serves only one-term.


Skillicorn Predicts Rauner Will Not Win Re-Election — 14 Comments

  1. It’s pretty horrible.

    Instead of hanging on to some glimmer of hope for the future of the state, the conservatives in the party will work to nominate a pro choice candidate who will LOSE TO PRITZKER in the general.

    So not only will we have a pro death Governor, but one who will be lock step and complicit with Madigan and the Chicago Democrats.

    Frankly swallowing the bitter pill and sending Rauner back to Springfield would be better for the general welfare of the people of Illinois, as sick as it sounds.

  2. Labeling ‘Pro-Choice’ as ‘Pro-Death’ is wrong.

    Many pro-choice folks, could and would never get, or approve of an abortion.

    But the choice should be there.

    People have feelings that are different from yours.

  3. Pro-Life means having the baby and not killing it.

    Pro-Choice means its ok to kill the baby and death for the infant.

    Thus, Pro-Choice is misnamed and should be Pro-Death.

  4. Ken? Its not about people’s feelings.

    It’s God’s law.

    If you don’t repent from going against Him you will find out how very wrong you are.

  5. Roe v. Wade will be gutted when we get one more new Supreme Court Justice.

  6. Barb Wheeler told me months ago that Pritzker will win the governorship in 2018, which would be followed by gigantic tax increases….

    a major reason she is not running for reelection…..

    I’m outta here!

    The sooner the better.

  7. Pritzker first has to get past the Kennedy people.

    The Kennedy’s are the nastiest political family in American history.

    Watch for news stories about obscene acts surfacing from the toadies in the chicago media.

  8. Ken, The Pro-Choice movement encompasses too much.

    Abortion is legal, the problem is the Taxpayer’s should not be forced to pay for it.

    If a Woman wants an Abortion, have her go to her doctor and pay for it.

  9. Rauner needs to put his money where his morals are and create a dead baby mutual fund for all the pro “choice” folks to fund abortion instead of taxpayers.

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