Paula Yensen Holding Pizza Fundraiser in Lakewood Monday

Paula Yensen

McHenry County Board Democrat Paula Yensen is holding a $40 fundraiser at Malnati’s Pizzeria in Lakewood on Monday night starting at 5:30
That’s what the web site of the McHenry County Democratic Party says.

Yensen has been elected to the McHenry County Board twice and defeated once.

After her defeat, she was elected to the Lake in the Hills Village Board, where she served before first being elected to the County Board.

She is raising money for her third campaign.


Paula Yensen Holding Pizza Fundraiser in Lakewood Monday — 6 Comments

  1. I’ll match whatever is raised, double it and then give said amount to her opponent.

  2. It’s not possible our sunshine blogger took this picture of Paula Yensen. He never leaves that much room between the camera lens and a Democratic member of our McHenry county board…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. I had the opportunity to meet her.

    Within minutes it was apparent that she is in over her head when it comes to understanding any type of a complex issue.

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