Ray Flavin Collecting Petition Signatures at CL’s Johnny Appleseed Festival

Downtown Crystal Lake is filled with activities to kids today.

It’s Johnny Appleseed Festival time.

It runs until 4:30 after the ball race down the Brink Street hill toward Main Street.

I was at the CL Kiwanis booth urging kids to toss rings over the hat of Santa–a promotion for the Kiwanis Santa Run the first Sunday of December.

Along came a candidate with petition in hand.

It was Ray Flavin, who is running in the Republican Primary Election for the countywide judgeship.

Later he son covered the same territory seeking signatures.


Ray Flavin Collecting Petition Signatures at CL’s Johnny Appleseed Festival — 12 Comments

  1. He’s a Republican again?

    I think he lives in Woodstock -he’d have a lot better chance running against Davis and Berg in the 1st Subcircuit race.

  2. The only good thing I can say about him is that he’s on to Jacko “Big Fat Liar” Franks!

  3. Flavin!!!???

    Franks trashed him in my presence (Flavin wasn’t there, of course), so that’s a good mark for him. But that 60s hairstyle! C’mon!

  4. I would gladly vote for Flavin if he were running against Berg and Davis in the 1st Subcircuit.

    I don’t think he has any chance at all in a four way primary race with Wilbrandt, McClellan, and Tsilimigras.

    If he really wants to be a judge, his best chance in this race would be to run as a Dem.

    If by some chance McClellan wins the primary, there are scads of Republicans who would refuse to vote for her in the general election.

  5. He would be great for our court system.

    And Joel Berg would be great for the other spot.

    The courts need some fresh perspective, time for the old timers to retire.

    Chief Judge needs to go too.

  6. Joel Berg has been a Associate Judge for a few years, and he’s not great for anything.

  7. He pulled a Democrat ballot in the 2016 primary and that (in this state) makes him a Democrat.

  8. Party doesn’t really matter when it comes to the judiciary.

    And Joel Berg is fair, practical and just overall a great guy.

    Like I said before, Berg and Flavin would be welcome on the circuit.

  9. Hmmm a Dem is pushing Flavin and Berg.

    Thanks, now I know who NOT to vote for.

  10. IDK either of them really well, but I know both Flavin and Berg well enough to have formed opinions of them.

    Flavin is a good guy, and I would have no problem with him becoming a judge.

    He would bring a welcome libertarian perspective to the bench.

    Berg has a swollen ego that isn’t at all justified by his meager abilities.

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