The Playboy Club Conference

Way back when there was a Playboy Club in Lake Geneva and I was McHenry County Treasurer, the Illinois County Treasurers’ Association held its annual conference there.

That was in the late 1960’s.

Better than driving to Springfield, Chicago or Peoria I figured.

When I returned and Marge Rom, Editor of the Crystal Lake News, learned of the trip, I got taken over the coals for attending.

Just thought readers might be interested in that footnote since the Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died this week.


The Playboy Club Conference — 16 Comments

  1. Many corporations used that venue for their overnight conferences. (It was a kind of out-of-the-way retreat for management people only.) I attended one circa 1983. There were no shenanigans. A totally wholesome place with good accomodations. Not much in the way of local shopping, though. There was a very nice Grandfather clock store that everyone went to see. I had a pleasant time and the drive was not bad at all.

  2. Oh, he’s a pig. He always was. No doubt about what he did to society. BUT – the club after he had gone was still a lovely place. Had nothing to do with him. Just a piece of real estate.

  3. BTW, Hugh graduated from the same Chicago school I attended.

    No one cared.

  4. lol Even funnier. Have never run into anyone that would admit that. Do you think we know each other?

  5. Funny, my dad grew up a block over from Hefner, was freinds, went to Stowe grade school, Steinmetz high.

    Was offered 10% of Playboy Ent. for next to nothing, back in the day.

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