Skillicorn Hosting Thursday Property Tax Appeal Seminar

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn

Skillicorn to Host Seminar on Illinois’ High Property Tax Problem

Allen Skillicorn

EAST DUNDEE – State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) is hosting a second property tax seminar for residents of the 66th House District about how property taxes are determined why they are so high in Illinois. The event will be held on October 5 at Algonquin Village Hall.

The seminar will feature Naperville Township Assessor, Warren L. Dixon, III, CIAO. Dixon is an expert on Illinois property taxes and the disparate factors and rules throughout the state that lead some communities to have a much heavy property tax burden than others.

“Everyone knows excessively high property taxes are driving people out of Illinois every day,” said Skillicorn.

“There is a number of reasons why, but one of the biggest problems is the special deals cut in Chicago through loopholes that cause the rest of the state’s communities to offset a lack of state funding with more property taxes. This has to change.”

WHEN: Thursday, October 5. 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

WHERE: Algonquin Village Hall, 200 Harnish Dr., Algonquin

Please RSVP by contacting State Rep. Skillicorn’s office at (815) 893-4884 or e-mail [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]org>. Please visit<> for more information.


Skillicorn Hosting Thursday Property Tax Appeal Seminar — 5 Comments

  1. Pure politician getting in front of the general public on a subject for which he has little to no knowledge or experience.

  2. Excellent idea.

    The public unions and those “tick tock” posters set to receive $100k pensions on the backs of us homeowners will obviously object.

  3. The state has nothing to do with property taxes.

    Those are imposed by local governments, mostly schools, which account for 70% of the average tax bill.

    People need to start going to their local school board meetings and running for their local school boards if they want to do anything significant about property taxes.

  4. Any change must start with comprehension of how the system works now.

    Stunningly many of Woodstock D200 taxpayers think that if they ‘get their (own) taxes lowered’ it doesn’t adversely affect every other taxpayer in the district.

    They do not understand how TIFs allow property tax cap evasion and raise property tax rates (for which TIF stakeholders are doubly rewarded, as their annual payout is a function of tax rate).

    They do not know anything about Fund Rate caps, or common Rate Cap evasion mechanisms employed by taxing bodies (like deliberate over-levy in one fund for intended purpose of transfer-out to tax capped other Fund).

    So it can only be a good thing that people want to become informed about a complex-by-design property taxation system which takes (in McHenry County) more than DOUBLE the national average of household income (according to BLS stats).

    p.s. And don’ forget, that huge property tax bill is about to become non-tax-deductible.

    So, the percentage of household income demanded for Property taxes in McHenry County is about to skyrocket again.

  5. Well he’s finally bringing to light the race problem in Illinois; how generally White areas are forced to pay more and more and more for libtard social re-engineering schemes in Minority areas that only exacerbate problems.

    Take the degenerate Chicago Public Schools racket.

    I’m now actively looking to move out.

    It’s hopeless here.

    They can have it!

    I’ll be free!

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