Wednesday Woodstock GOP Event Expanding Focus to Entire County

From Dorr Township Republican Precinct Committeeman Karen Tirio:

This event is FREE thanks to the PourHouse and the following Candidates for Sponsoring Food & Drink :

  • Randy Hultgren ($150) Congressman 14th District of IL
  • Joe Tirio ($50) County Recorder running for County Clerk
  • Glenda Miller (Large Pizza) County Treasurer
  • Demetri Tsilimigras (Large Pizza) for Judge
  • Tiffany Davis (Large Pizza) for Judge

These along with other Sponsorships will be announced at the event 😉

All GOP Townships are encouraged to hold their Central Committee meetings at this event.

5:30-6pm. Candidates/Petition Drive starts at 6pm.

The event is not just for Dorr Township anymore.

Event held on the 3rd floor IN THE BALLROOM at the Main St. PourHouse, Woodstock.

(take the elevator up, entrance is door to the left of the main restaurant)

Glenda Miller will be notarizing petitions!

Thank you, Glenda.

Other notaries will be appreciated!

Candidates will have an opportunity to address the attendees.

Bring your campaign material and petitions.

If you have signs, please bring one for display.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.


Wednesday Woodstock GOP Event Expanding Focus to Entire County — 6 Comments

  1. J.C. Griffin will be attending! He is the Republican Candidate for Secretary of State!!!

    He will be among the first introduced as he will have to depart by 6:30.

    If you haven’t yet met this energetic Candidate, we guaranty you’ll be impressed with his plan!

  2. It starts 5:30-6.

    Guess it ends when the pizza and soft drinks run out.


    Additional Sponsors of Food are:

    JC Griffin for Secy of State is down for a Large Pizza!

    Judge Wilbrandt running for Judge is down for a Large Pizza too!

  4. Leslie Schermerhorn will sponsor an appetizer tray.

    She. Is a republican candidate for Regional Superintendent of Schools.

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