Algonquin Township Clerk Subpoenas Hidden Camera Information from Supervisor’s Office

At the last Algonquin Township Meeting, Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik said that she was investigating misconduct and eavesdropping. 

Karen Lukasik

You can read the article here.

Through a Freedom of Information request to Lukasik, which had to be “enforced” by the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Bureau, McHenry County Blog has obtained copies of a subpoena from Lukasik’s attorney.

It was served on Ryan Provenzano, who is Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow’s assistant.

Here is what was requested:

The information sought in the “camera” subpoena is seen above.

In addition a photo of the hidden camera was provided:

A picture of the hidden camera.

A close-up picture of the camera’s identification was also included:

The next Algonquin Township meeting is tonight at 7 PM.


Algonquin Township Clerk Subpoenas Hidden Camera Information from Supervisor’s Office — 10 Comments

  1. Why does a Township Clerk have to issue a subpoena to view public records?

    Why does a blogger have to file a FOIA and follow up on an appeal to view a public record?

    Bigger government = less transparency?

    Sign of the times: “China made”.

    Did the camera not have a tape like the two in room 32 – 135 ?

  2. Actually young Ryan’s title is,believe it or not,Chief of Staff, with a high school education and a rich politically powerful father.

    I guess common sense wasn’t taught to this 23 year old.

    You knew what his title was CALLE, why didn’t you use it, it is on his cards….MORE FALSE GOSSIP PUBLISHING

  3. If a Provenzano is involved, it must be sleazy.

    There is also a state law that prohibits recording without subject’s permission.

    I sure hope Chuck didn’t know about this.

  4. Wait….

    Is this True…?

    So Ryan Provenzano has a job in Algonquin Township and is considered the Chief of Staff.

    This blog has for almost a year gone on about patronage hiring but somehow this never has been covered.

    Gasser the great reformer stayed silent.

    (He is busy being sued).


    Everyone talks the game in this county but nobody cares.

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