McClellan Significantly Reducing Polling Places

From McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan:

Polling Place Consolidation

Over the last couple of years we have had requests from school districts to find new polling places for the safety of their children.

There is also a new law that affects election judges as well; for example HB 539 authorizes county boards to reduce the number of judges of election from five to three for primary elections.

We have also had private entities requesting removal of polling places from their facilities for their own reasons.

We have no control over the private entities and no statutory requirement to mandate a polling
location at their facilities.

That being said, in an effort to create efficiencies and respect the wishes of those not wanting to participate, we have been working on consolidation of our polling places.

By working together using current polling places that have large enough spaces and adequate parking for at least two if not more precincts at one location, we have been able to change 33 locations.

We will be conducting a pilot program for the March 20, 2018 Primary Election.

These 33 location changes affect 18 schools and 20 private entities.

The impact of the proposed changes are throughout the county, the average distance between the new and old polling places in most instances is 1.2 miles to 1.5 miles.

There are three instances where the distance is an average of 2.2 miles to the new polling

The positive side of the consolidations at this time is that the new electronic poll books allow us to make this transition without much additional training and efforts for the election judges.

We have met with most of the election judges over the summer to discuss the upcoming changes and they are seeing this change to be positive and beneficial.

I have enjoyed fulfilling the responsibilities that my constituents have placed in me.

Please feel free to contact me directly at: with any questions.

I appreciate being your County Clerk, because it’s my job to make the process easier for the community.


McClellan Significantly Reducing Polling Places — 11 Comments

  1. Good thing I have decided to never ever vote again in these crazy crooked elections. I could never walk that far just to vote! (Suppose that is exactly what they want by taking away polling plaes from the elderly.)

  2. That’s just great. All we need now is for the voting machines to operate properly and on time.
    Just kidding…we know THAT will never happen.

  3. These capitulations by County Clerk McClellan reflect how she does not stand up for the voters of McHenry County. The schools are public buildings funded by overburdened taxpayers. Have them take a teacher’s institute day on election day to accomodate the taxpayers supporting them if they are so concerned about voters coming into their schools. Most violence and abuse in schools is caused by parents,teachers and family related to these groups not from civic minded voters. But of course you do not want to anger the teachers and schools and not get their votes if you are a Democrat in sheep’s clothing garnering the support of Chairman F and the Democrats.
    Demetrius Tsilimigras will be fair to all McHenry County citizens and NOT play favorites. He deserves our support for Circuit Judge!!!

  4. There is no need for anyone to ever vote again.

    The electronic poll books have taken care of that superstition that your vote actually counted for anything.

  5. County Clerk says – “Over the last couple of years we have had requests from school districts to find new
    polling places for the safety of their children”.

    How many election days are in one calendar year? 2, 3?

    Easy solution. Allow schools to be used for elections by scheduling some of the
    numerous of “funny” days coincident with election days. “funny” days are those such
    as school closed for teachers’ conferences, so-called holidays that are not recognized
    in the private sector such as Columbus Day, President’s Day, etc.

  6. Not so fast Madame Clerk.

    Your argument, or defense of your “pilot program” is seriously flawed and misleading.

    By addressing the private facilities, which have certain rights, and referencing new legislation regarding the number of judges, you have misstated what your actual mandate is and the duty of schools to be available as polling places.

    And for you to attempt such action that may affect an election in which you may be a candidate is shocking.

    There are questionable similarities in the composition of your public statement and “pilot program” to the goals of J Franks, none of which are in the interest of open government.

    You may want to rethink the rationale for relocation of precincts.

  7. As Walker points out, this is one of their crook schemes.

    This is why no one should “vote” in their totally crooked elections.

  8. Correction of last sentence in my post. Should read “relocation of polling places “

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