Bob Anderson Takes on Township Road Commissioners

This letter from McHenry Township Trustee Bob Anderson, published originally in the Northwest Herald, is published here with the permission of its author.

To the Editor:

Township records show that municipal taxpayers (home owners) that reside in McHenry Township are on the hook of paying seventy-eiht ercent of the township road district’s revenues.

Bob Anderson

Note: Municipal home owners pay property taxes twice for road and street plowing, once to their township and once to their city.

Citizens that reside in unincorporated areas do not pay one dime for plowing city streets of municipal governments.

Misguided, and unfair, township road district property taxes levied on municipal property owners is designed solely to raise revenue to fuel more township spending on roads and services that highly benefit mainly those who live in unincorporated areas.

Example – The ongoing (golden goose) six mile road project in Indiana Ridge Subdivision of unincorporated Wonder Lake.

Cost of project?

Six million dollars.

McHenry County cost?


Indiana Ridge property owners cost?

Not one dime!!!

Furthermore, once we are through paying for this six million dollar McHenry Township Road District project, we will be paying for the high cost of township plowing of the roads.

Indian Ridge property owners?

They are extremely grateful for the goodness of those paying for their new roads, which, by the way, will raise Indian Ridge property values at others expense.

The folly of McHenry Township and McHenry County taxpayers picking up a $6,000,000 tax tab on new rods that they will not use should raise more than eyebrows.

It should make citizens angry, very angry!


Bob Anderson Takes on Township Road Commissioners — 46 Comments

  1. Speaking if Townships, CAL you claim to report the news but there was never a mention of your pal faster and his big screw up and the guys he has to reinstate along with back pay, you don’t think that’s news worthy?

    You are a very mean spirited little man CAL. The world passed you by and for 30 tears you have trying to be a player, you never will be because no one has respect for a mean spirited little nan

  2. We love you Cal Doodle can read the NW Hearld if he wants to get all the news thats not fit to print according to JF & Company!

  3. I think Anderson totally misses the point on our roads they are for the common good.

    If we only paid for the roads we used there would only be toll roads.with his logic people in town would only drive in there town.

    The people on the township roads would not use the county or State roads .

    As normally is his letters show little thought and a lot of male bovine excrement.

  4. His letter does a great job of “It should make citizens angry, very angry!”

    Not angry with the Townships but angry that he wastes readers (taxpayers) time with such drivel!

    I do not use the Mental Board but I pay.

    I do not use Valley Hi but I pay.

    I do not use Animal Control but I pay.

    I do not use SNAP but I pay.

    I do not use WIC but I pay.

    I do not use most Roundabouts but I pay.

    I do not use Section 8 but I pay.

    I have no need for Norcam but I pay.

    I do not use contraceptives but I pay.

    I will not abort a child but I pay to have others abort theirs.

    I will not use ‘free’ healthcare but I pay.

    I will not use a ‘free’ court appointed attorney but I pay for others to have one.

    I have no need for a ‘public’ education but boy, do I pay for others – INCLUDING ILLEGAL ALIENS!

    Want to work on reducing my tax bill Bob? Start with Prevailing Wage laws, public sector unions and the Constitutional pulic sector pension guarantee.

    Hey Bob! Where were you when we needed you to vote against a County wide election for Board Chairman?

  5. These new trustees are going to ruin our township. Now they want to eliminate the road district and push the oversight of the roads to themselves. So 3 of the 4 trustees live in wonder lake and know diddly squat about maintaining roads. Where do you think all of their efforts will be concentrated? What about johnsburg and lakemoor where the township takes care of roads? Say goodbye to our nicely plowed roads that isn’t going to happen any more I urge people to go to township meetings before they ruin our township.

  6. Consolidation is the step towards elimination. Legislators including McSweeney want townships GONE.

  7. I am with Doodie’s points. I was not surprised that Cal did not mention that major “stunt gone wrong” fail. Cal was never effective as a state employee nor as an elected official. As he has aged, he has become more of a clown than when he considered himself relevant. He is only effective when searching out free food events. He could, however, be a mentor for the even more mean spirited one and done Joe Walsh who is an anti-American moron.

  8. Indiana Ridge? New rods? Lol.

    What’s a Nimrod Bob?

    Urban dictionary definition.

    The county paid the vast majority of the cost, so relax bad speller Bob.

    Do these old grumps sit around all day bitching about anything and everything?

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, doesn’t ‘bitchin Bob’ represent the very people getting upgraded roads in the Indian Ridge subdivisions?

    Will this venture not raise property values and improve quality of life?

  10. Hey Rickey, Illinois ain’t broke because of townships, townships provide a good return on tax dollars.

    What do you get back from the great work being done by Boss Madigan and Boss Cullerton?

    Schools, Cook County, Chicago and all of the ridiculous pension schemes will be the eventual undoing of the solvency of the once great state of Illinois.

    Oh wait, Illinois is already insolvent.

  11. Local government – close to the people is the ONLY way out of the swamp.

    All you whiners quit trying to put forth the new world order agenda with your bandwagon that will only get you more BIG distant government; and FIX your local “township” governments!

    Local is what you want.

    Don’t fall for their agenda lies!

  12. Precisely, Rickey.

    We need to clean up our own swamp.

    What did you suppose we were trying to do when we ousted Doodie Miller?

    A tiny chink in the armor.

    Need to bring many more big chisels to this game!

  13. But Cindy even if you had 1000 honest Bob Andersons running all the townships, the obsolete over-taxing townships with their pension programs and extra-statutory handouts to illegal aliens are bad in and of themselves!!!

  14. Did you know that Nunda, Algonquin and McHenry Townships give out, ILLEGALLY, “Emergency Assistance” to illegals … on top of the statutory “General Assistance”?

  15. Townships do not give emergency assistance to people not in this country legally.

    They must show proof of legal residency.

  16. It seems Rickey has the brain power of a juvenile delinquent.

    Waste of internet pipes.

    Keep piping Rickey, no one cares

  17. Counties in Illinois settled by people from south of the Mason-Dixon line did not have townships where they came from, so did not create them where they settled.

  18. Stupid Southerners, Cal? OR do the just call them Parishes? Rickey is definitely not grasping the real issue here. I think you will rue the day you consolidated into a bigger more powerful oppressive system. Just remember how no one considers states’ rights anymore because they abdicated to the fed. Think outside the box, Rickey!

  19. township government there is nothing closer to the people good luck when you try and call the county if they takeover with a problem you have just think about it you can hurry up and wait years

  20. 1% of your tax bill take a look and see what you get for that way more return then any other form of government

  21. The same money that you pay to the township goes to bobs pension from being a school bus driver.

    Even though he was caught sleeping on the job

  22. How did sleepy Bob drive a bus and cut hair?

    I want time sheets*. Stat-!

  23. Bob’s comments misrepresent a few facts.

    The property owners pay township taxes which provide part of the funding for their road paving.

    Secondly, the township must pay back the municipality money which was collected within the municipality.

    I also would suspect that quite a few municipal citizens use township roads just as they use county and state roads.

    This argument needs fact checking to eliminate false information and half truths.

  24. I think only half of the twp road collections go to the municipalities.

  25. Depends on which township, but 50% goes back to the municipalities.

    So township residents pay 60% and municipal resident pay 40% to maintain township roads.

    It would be interesting to work out the numbers on county roads, city folks costs vs country folks costs also as a comparison.

    MFT funding favors munciple and county roads X $$$ per head vs X per mile of road for townships.

    Both should be figured by sqft of road instead.

    Township Road commissioners have tryed to change that for a few years now, well kind of. Lol

  26. Bob, Ricky, and others talk of abuses by township officials, yup but where is the comparable munciple officials abuse?

    Hell the women in Dixon who strolled millions even has a movie about her.

    Bottom line is we have the gov we have and very careful consideration has to be given before and changes.

    Facts backed up by numbers that prove changes in gov makeup is the way to go.

    Steve Willson and Bob need to talk!

  27. Bob never talks about sales tax of course when talking of unfair taxation.

    When township residents buy anything none of those sales tax dollars go back to the townships, it goes to the state, county and municipal govs.

  28. Okay Bob, point taken.

    Now file for a new budget hearing, change the budget and eliminate all discretionary funds for road upgrades until specifically approved by the majority of the Board.

    Do not mess with Township road maintenance, as that is a public safety issue and will subject the Township to litigation.

    Also, eliminate any line item for new equipment unless approved by the Board by budget change.

    Why don’t Township Highway Commissioners wear mink coats?

    Because the John Deere salesman won’t give them one.

  29. The equipment salesmen provide lots of “perks” to highway commissioners who buy their equipment.

    Some are not of inconsequential value.

  30. Leave Donna alone!!!!!

    She sold her soul to Ann Hughes to get that pension.

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