John Reinert Holds Senate Fundraiser

On Thursday, McHenry County Board member John Reinert held a fundraiser at the Crystal Lake Brewery.

A look at some of those attending John Reinert’s fundraiser.

The fundraiser was attended by 60-70 people.

Another view of those attending.

Among the attendees, one reported, were business and Reinert real estate friends and clients, attorneys and personal friends.

John Reinert stands behind his four by four foot sign with members of his family.

There were also supporters, McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally, various candidates including State Rep. candidate Tom Weber and many County board members.

State Rep. candidate Tom Weber chats with John Reinert.

Reinert made the following remarks outlining his experience and core principles:

  • Owner/founder Reinert Builders Inc.
  • Current McHenry County Board Member
  • CMAP Regional Planning Agency Member
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Licensed FAA/USDOT Pilot
  • Salvation Army Volunteer
  • Little City Foundation Volunteer
  • Catholic
  • Antique aircraft Pilot
  • Aborist
  • Beekeeper

I am a Right to life supporter.

I support

  • The Second Amendment.
  • Government Consolidation,
  • Economic Development,
  • Real Term Limits
  • and an End to Springfield Gridlock!

John Reinert poses with Crystal Lake supporters Eileen Marhoeffer, Rita Heuel and Donna Kurtz.

I stand for honest and accountable government.

Through my actions and behavior, I will attempt to restore belief in the honesty and integrity of government officials.

John Reinert

People need to believe that elected officials don’t just seek office to accumulate power, wealth or status.

I want to join the State Senate to help operate our government in the most ethical and efficient manner possible, without regard to special interests.

Reinert is married to Cassy. The couple have two daughters, Jennifer and Allie.


John Reinert Holds Senate Fundraiser — 3 Comments

  1. Reinert can barely put more than 4 sentences together when talking about county issues.

    He has no backbone and would be another sellout in Springfield.

  2. That picture with Tom Weber is pretty nasty.

    I’m amazed that he can pass an FAA physical.

  3. In his very person RINO-ert captures all that is wrong with bloated Illinois misgovernment.

    All the usual suspects support him.

    He’s a Tryon wannabee and an Althoff minion, a Jacko Franks adorer and a literal and proverbial ‘fatcat’!

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