Stories You May Have Missed at the End of Last Week — 15 Comments

  1. I thought perhaps I missed the hugely big mega story about the current pink mound of round’s major “set-back” after he illegally fired staff.

    As a “tax fighter” one would expect a story that continues illustrate the fact that one of your guys is spending mega tax dollars to defend the indefensible stunt he pulled to throw meat to idiots who don’t understand much when comes to procedure.

    Cal, if I missed your on the spot coverage, let me know.

    If not, you are still the narrow minded pretender you have been for years.

  2. Please fill readers in on what you think I missed about the suit between Andrew Gasser and Local 150.

  3. I asked, you, media guy. You do your work. You know exactly what I mentioned in my post. Once again, duck and cover. Loser.

  4. I have no clue what you are talking about re the suit.

    Share or don’t share.

    Your choice.

  5. Yet you continue to pretend to be media/reporter. You are either lazy or a convenient liar. Your choice. You are correct in saying you have no clue…in most endeavors.

  6. NWH: Algonquin Highway Department ordered to rehire 3 fired Local 150 employees
    By ED KOMENDAEmailFollow
    Oct. 13, 2017

    ALGONQUIN – A judge has ordered Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser to rehire three employees he fired on his first day on the job with back pay and interest.

    Administrative Law Judge Deena Sanceda ordered the employees be rehired because Gasser and his $375-an-hour attorney – who billed the township more than $100,000 between May and September – never responded to the labor complaint……

    Are you saying you didn’t know about this Cal?

  7. So there is what you missed Mr. Phony. Still in denial or just a mean spirited vengeful little man,Cal?

  8. That’s right.

    I was in Southwestern Indiana on Friday looking at covered bridges.

    Thanks for telling others.

  9. It was a default judgement.

    Gasser didn’t respond – he claims he wasn’t served, but there is some dispute over that.

    Default judgements usually don’t hold up if they’re contested – the purpose of the tight deadline is to get people to respond.

    Ms Sanceda is only an Administrative Law Judge in any case.

    There is much more maneuvering and many more dollars in legal fees to be paid before this is settled.

  10. Fake news, please don’t make us laugh.

    The action by the labor board was Sept 28th, I heard about it a couple of days later.

    I most have better spys than Cal.

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