Tom Weber Holds CL State Rep. Fundraiser

The only announced candidate to replace State Representative Barbara Wheeler, Tom Weber, held a fundraiser at the Crystal Lake Brewery Saturday afternoon.

Barb Wheeler said this was a line-up of “formers.” I pointed out she had time to go before becoming one.

It was like Old Home Week on Saturday afternoon as “used-to-bes” joined newcomers at Tom Weber’s fund raiser.

McHenry County Board member and State Senate candidate John Reinert, former State Senator Jack Schaffer and former Crystal Lake Grade School Board member Nancy Gonsiorek exchanged views.  Reinert’s opponent Craig Wilcox was also in attendance.

One of the members of the Host Committee was current State Rep. Wheeler.

Tom Weber poses with State Rep. Barb Wheeler, RTA Board member Blake Hobson, Hobson’s wife Elizabeth, Jennifer Emery and Chris Yaeger.

The other Host was former Congressman Joe Walsh.

Barb Wheeler, Tom Wheeler and Joe Walsh as they prepared to address the gathering.

Weber worked the room well.

Tom Weber greeted supporters.

The gathering was large enough that it spilled into the main room.

Appointed Circuit Court Judges Tiffany Davis and Robert Wilbrandt, both running for six-year terms, but not against each other, attended Tom Weber’s event.

I had to leave before the speechifying, but the folks in the photo below stayed.

Part of those who attended Tom Weber’s fundraiser.

Those in the other side of the room.

After the event, Weber observed,

“I was honored to have so many people come out to our event. I felt that there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Tom Weber high fives a supporter.

“Barbara Wheeler said I also have big shoes to fill in District 64. Starting with our current State Representative Barbara Wheeler, Donna Kurtz, whose daughter came and Cal Skinner!”


Tom Weber Holds CL State Rep. Fundraiser — 8 Comments

  1. Jack Schaffer & wife are highest pension pulling couple in the whole blasted state ….something well into the 6 digits between them … plus all the graft.

    Still I’m shocked he would attend anything for the GOP.

    With Fat Al gone, I guess there’s nobody left to order him not to go.

    And since Manzullo turned out to be a liar and RINO creep (voted to bail out Goldman Sachs and other banksters) maybe Jack wasn’t so bad after all!

  2. Have no regrets, Manzullo was always a better choice than Schaffer.

  3. What about Cal’s pension? Never even worked for 30 years and collects hugely.

  4. What is ant-American Joe, one-and -done, doing to the guy on his left in the first picture? Perhaps just a back rub.

  5. And I continually thank taxpayers like you for that pension.

    Please remember I was not in office when the so-called cost-of-living 3% annual compounded adjustment was enacted in the late 1980’s.

  6. What does is say about a District when there is a Walsh love fest…..a Sorry sorry 63rd.

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