Majority of GOP Income Tax Hikers Bowing Out of Illinois House, Senate

A press release from Taxpayers United of America


CHICAGO—Seven of eleven Republican taxpayer traitors in the Ill. General Assembly, exposed by Taxpayers United of America (TUA) in a news release dated 7/12/17, will not be running for reelection, announced Jim Tobin, TUA President.

Jim Tobin

“These taxpayer traitors listed below betrayed Illinois taxpayers by voting with Democrat House Speaker and Chicago machine boss Michael Madigan to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of the 32% state income tax increase,” said Tobin.

“The Illinois General Assembly will be rid of these turncoats who betrayed their constituents.”

“Most of the $5 billion from this latest income tax increase will be funneled into the state’s government-employee pension funds, just like previous income tax increases.”

“While Illinois taxpayers are fleeing Illinois for states with lower taxes, retired government employees continue to enjoy lavish, gold-plated pensions, courtesy of Illinois taxpayers.”

  • Rep. Steven A. Andersson (R-65, Geneva) (won’t run again)
  • Rep. Terri Bryant (R-115, Mt. Vernon)
  • Rep. Mike Fortner (R-49, West Chicago) (won’t run again)
  • Rep. Norine K. Hammond (R-93, Macomb)
  • Rep. David Harris (R-3, Mt. Prospect) (won’t run again)
  • Rep. Chad Hays (R-104, Danville) (won’t run again)
  • Rep. Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (R-99, Springfield) (won’t run again)
  • Rep. Bill Mitchell (R-101, Decatur) (won’t run again)
  • Rep. Reginald Phillips (R-110, Charleston) (won’t run again)
  • Rep. Michael D. Unes (R-91, Pekin)
  • St. Sen. Dale A. Righter (R-55, Matoon)

Flyer for State Rep. Steve Andersson.

Link to Steven Andersson news release.

Flyer for State Rep. David Harris.

Link to David Harris News release.


Majority of GOP Income Tax Hikers Bowing Out of Illinois House, Senate — 2 Comments

  1. Backstabbing traitorous cowards will be remembered wherever they are seen, wherever they go.

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