With Budget Meeting Tonight Rep. Allen Skillicorn Asks D155 Board for 10% Tax Cut

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:


CRYSTAL LAKE, IL— Crystal Lake-based Community High School D155 Board Members could vote tonight on a “tentative tax levy increase of about $3.2 million more than the actual total extended the previous year, which would amount to a 4.45 percent increase,” reported the Northwest Herald.

“I would ask that the Board vote against this increase and call upon them to actually cut taxes by 10%.

“Homeowners in Illinois pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation and they can ill-afford yet another burden on top of the income tax hike they were hit with in July.”

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The meeting is tonight at District 155’s Administrative Office Building at 1 South Virginia Street Road.

Public comment will be allowed shortly after the meeting starts at 7:30 PM.


With Budget Meeting Tonight Rep. Allen Skillicorn Asks D155 Board for 10% Tax Cut — 3 Comments

  1. I attended this meeting. I am very disappointed in my fellow Republicans in McHenry County for not showing up to speak out about this increase.

    Although from what I understand there was more at this meeting then any other speaking out but not even close to where we need to be.

    So here comes another tax hike.

    Currently you can’t sell the house in my neighborhood, the ones up for sale have no people interested nor looking at them.

    We just made the situation worse.

    This is nothing sort short of extortion.

    You want to get out but you can’t sell your home, in the meantime they keep raising your taxes, taken more of your money even though there’s 50 million in reserve funds.


  2. There’s more than 50 million in reserves.

    Four years ago there was 78 million and two years ago it was supposedly 80 million.

    All they are doing is lying again.

    Registration fees went way up this year.

    They added a new $100. sports fee for every sport your kid is in.

    Numerous teachers have been let go, yet there are more and more administrators.

    They have cut student loved classes.

    The enrollment is way down and expected to keep going down for the next ten years.

    They build multi million dollar bleachers, auditoriums and kitchens.

    Why build those when they claim that roofs need to be replaced and other desperate repairs needed.

    This meeting was a waste of time because the board never intended to truly listen to taxpayers.

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