Franks Says Real Estate Tax Levy Decreasing 11.2% — 22 Comments

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    Cindy is part of the body politic prone to conspiracy and outright fabrication.

  2. The actual savings will be about $55 per property for the average taxpayer.

  3. It’s a shell game, the politicians don’t tell you that everyone’s taxes are going up because of the “State Equalization Factor” that is applied all over the County.

    For instance, all assessments in the following Townships went up:

    Algonquin Township……..+ 6.62%

    Grafton Township……….+ 5.18%

    McHenry Township……….+ 7.00%

    Nunda Township…………+ 4.81%

    Those increases all raised the value of property so when the levied rate is applied to your value, taxes will go up.

    I doubt that the County tax levy will decrease by the 11.2% figure, we will just have to wait and see the actual numbers.

  4. A good part of that is due to no longer having to pay interest on a loan that was taken out many years ago, and the ability to avoid taking the Valley Hi levy which can be done in alternate years without affecting the ability to levy it in the future due to the tax cap.

    Also some departments have saved money due to improved technology.

    Very little of this was due to anything done by the Board or Franks this year.

  5. I believe the new State’s Attorney eliminated some personnel to achieve some significant savings, again, nothing that would be attributable to Franks or the County Board.

  6. I believe this is driven by two items:

    1) Finally killing off the Valley Hi levy, and

    2) Maturing Bonds which finally come off the books.

    Can someone refresh my memory as to what those two amounts are?

    I want to believe they sum to more than $8 million.

  7. Nice to know that Fair Play is so stupid that they hold up the pedophile murdering Bush family as something to honor in some strange way. You are beyond stupid, Fair Play. You are a complete moron! Your lies get nowhere while the truth shines on.

  8. Oh…yeah…
    Cindy believes in lizard people.
    That’s the truth.

  9. Leeeeery, Thank you.
    I’ve heard of low-hanging fruit before, but they had $8.8 million in levy cuts that had fallen off the tree and just needed to be picked up. $8.8 million should have been the STARTING POINT of the levy cuts. They had $8.8 mil locked up before they ever began the actual hard work of looking at cutting programs, adjusting headcount levels, modifying compensation, outsourcing, etc. that might have lowered the County’s operating cost structure and delivered even more savings to the taxpayer.

    Its as if they found the taxpayer’s wallet out in the parking lot, looked inside it and saw $8.8 million. And then decided to remove $800,000 and stick it in their pants pocket. And then return the wallet to the taxpayer with only $8 million left in it and proclaim a success.

  10. Jack Franks also said on a radio show that the county reduced some reserves.j

    One question, how will the county pay for their portion of the on / off ramps at Route 23 & I-90 in Marengo.

  11. Woo hoo.

    We can go out for dinner once on this tax savings. Or maybe go to the movies once.

    Isn’t that exciting?!

    And jack did this for us singlehanded by increasing the cost of that office by how much?

    Obviously on the backs of all the other departments that provide services to the taxpayers- or were there other reductions that had nothing to do with his great and mighty power?

  12. It’s happening under his watch, he gets the political bragging rights.

    Considering he’s a Dem and they tend to over apend, a thank you even under your breath would be appropriate.

  13. Why is anyone believing his numbers are correct? Where is his proof of this percentage claim? Because HE says so? Do not forget what a complete liar this fool has been. My taxes went up! I have the proof in a letter from the county assessment office. All my neighbors are furious over their letters.

  14. Cindy,
    I hear the lizard people have copies of your assessment and jacked the price up because you are insufferable

  15. Fair? It isn’t me that you dislike so. It is the truth. You hate the truth. There is no virtue or integrity in your position. Please explain to all my neighbors that you think they are being attacked by your lizard people. Do you even read what you post? Only a moron talks the drivel you espouse.

  16. Clearly some of the commenters here have to learn about the difference between assessments and tax rates.

  17. The bulk of Jack’s claim is directly attributable to doing what the board did 2 years ago by abating the Valley Hi levy on taxpayers.

  18. Clearly DMAC doesn’t understand that no matter what you call it – your taxes are going up! Jim mentioned the shell game being played but you apparently don’t understand that post.

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