For Those Who Think the Bob Miller 5-Year Contract with Local 150 Is Too Long

One of the arguments that Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser is making in his fight against imposition of the 5-year labor agreement that his predecessor and man he beat in the GOP Primary Election, Bob Miller, is that it binds the hands of Gasser for his entire term of office.

So, when I noticed that a school district is about to approve a 10-year contract, I think readers might be interested.

10-year teacher deal looms over District 15 support staff strike

An unprecedented 10-year teachers deal in 2016 should not be a factor in contract negotiations for Palatine Township Elementary District 15 support employees who went on strike Monday, a union leader says. But the school board president says the union has cited it in negotiations. Full Story

A big difference is that the school district contract is being considered in public with appropriate public notice and the ability of taxpayers to comment at open meetings.


For Those Who Think the Bob Miller 5-Year Contract with Local 150 Is Too Long — 5 Comments

  1. The 10 year Teacher union contract was approved last year.

    The overwhelming opinion of area school superintendents and business managers is that a 10 year term was a stunningly bad idea with a lot of entirely predictable and unintended negative consequences.

    The first of which was that the old board got swept out of office in April and replaced by a fiscally conservative slate.

    The union for the support staff now finds itself operating in a new environment with a new board and financial issues generated by the 10-year teacher’s contract.

    And now the support staff president doesn’t think that the impact of the teacher’s contract should have anything to do with their contract.

    Seems to me that the IEA sold out the support staff union to max out the teacher’s union contract.

    The following quote is very illuminating:

    “No school board members were on District 15’s bargaining team for the teachers contract in 2016. This time, two board members — Frank Annerino and Szczupaj — are involved in the contract talks with the support employees’ union.”

  2. bob miller and his entire gang of criminal needs to be in front of a grand jury

  3. The contract protects hard working employees from people like Gasser.

    Every 4 years we worry about our jobs we have had for decades because someone decided to be a politition that term and fire everyone.

    Oh wait!

    I was wrongfully fired and didn’t have a contract.

    A contract is a great thing in any money related situation.

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