Four Vehicles in Route 31/Virginia Street Road Park & Ride Lot

Three vehicles were in the Park & Ride lot owned at the corner of Route 31 and Virginia Street Road. It is owned by McHenry County, but financed largely with Federal tax dollars.

Three [a commenter found four] vehicles in the only Park & Ride lot in McHenry County on October 8, 2017.

Could that be record usuage?

In 2013, the McHenry County Transportation Committee passed a resolution to award a $99,597 contract with Civiltech Engineering for “construction management and inspection services.”


Four Vehicles in Route 31/Virginia Street Road Park & Ride Lot — 9 Comments

  1. Looks like four vehicles to me or was the Sherman Mechanical truck just passing through with a Google driver? 😉

  2. What are proposing, Cal?

    Pay to tear it all up and replenish the landscape?

  3. In the spirit of mergers and consolidations, I propose to merge all McHenry county parking lots in a single, mega parking complex located at Barrington Hills. Those in favor say aye. Who needs cars anyway when we can come back to real rural times with horses and hay tractors? You know, to make this county great again…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. eminclake, you must understand the there are three, perhaps four, topics that Cal feels compelled to report on at least forty times per year: Cat stuff, Crystal Lake monuments, political sing thefts, and shared parking. I think it could be about his past life experiences. Just let your mind roll with those images.

  5. Another entertaining topic of discussion is…you guessed it! Free lunch for my sunshine blogger at every possible republican fundraiser…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. The parking lot is the result of the “if we do not spend it someone else will” logic embedded in the mind of way too many elected officials and all public sector employees.

  7. Cautious voter is correct.

    If you want a (necessary) project funded, you must let some politician tie stupid wasteful things like park and ride to your dollars.

  8. Just another “Build it they will come” thought by the people spending out tax dollars!

    How many times must we here that line, on government spending?

    That line on thinking is almost as badly used as school Districts raising taxes and saying it is “For the Kids”.

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