Democratic Party Candidate for County Clerk Andrew Georgi Lays Out Campaign

Andrew Georgi

The first local candidate to address the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee meeting was McHenry County Clerk candidate Andrew Georgi.

He talked of his fight to get rid of the “corrupt [Hebron] Village President,” culminating in his election reject with a 36% voter turnout.

Georgi promised a return to printing the names of public and party officials in the County Yearbook, something that incumbent Republican Mary McClellan abandoned.

[Not even the names of countywide elected officials were in her 2015-2016 edition although her name was on the cover.]

Andrew Georgi

Georgi criticized the polling place re-configuration.

One at the County Fairgrounds has over 11,000 voters going to one building with a small parking lot and only one handicapped parking place.

He told of another new polling place at a new senior citizen home on Algonquin Road near Thorton’s gas station with almost 11,000 voters.

The re-configuration of polling places “is not a single party issue,” he explained.

Turning to petition signatures, Georgi said he had “almost 300 signatures” of the 401 he needed.

“I want to go in with 600. I know I’m going to be challenged.”

Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett said this about Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio, running for County Clerk:

“If he wins that office we’ve had our last honest election.”

In reply, Georgi remarked on Tirio’s slogan, “I won’t hire my wife,” and said, “Mr. Tirio has two mother and daughter teams.”

He contended that it would not be Tirio consolidating the office of Recorder with that of the County Clerk.

“He’s not doing that. We are,” pointing to the question’s being on the March primary ballot.

Georgi also said the computerization of the office was not Tirio’s initiative, but “mandated by the state.

“At least I have a proven record of trying to do the right thing.

“I’m a bulldog just like in the Marine Corps.”

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Joe Tirio replies here.


Democratic Party Candidate for County Clerk Andrew Georgi Lays Out Campaign — 8 Comments

  1. Go Andrew go! And please do not pay much attention to this bunch of compassionate conservative commenters living in their nonsense parallel universe…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. A couple questions I’d ask Drew to answer here:

    Please direct me to the mandate that is driving the technological changes I am making in the Recorder’s office.

    A citation of statute would be sufficient.

    Who are the “Mother and Daughter teams” that “I have”?

    When did I hire them?

    According to Cal, Mike Bissett said of me “If he wins that office we’ve had our last honest election”.

    Do you believe that is true?

    If so, why?

    The rest of my response can be found here:

  3. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for an answer Mr. Tirio.

    In typical lefty fashion, your opponent will keep throwing “it” against the wall and hope that eventually something sticks.

    Why campaign on facts and ideas when you can do it by rumor and innuendo.

    It’s pretty obvious to anyone with a brain that’s all your opponent has.

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