Loren Underwood Ready to Take on Congressman Randy Hultgren

There was a third Democratic Party congressional Primary Election candidate at the McHenry County Democratic Party meeting last Wednesday.

Loren Underwood

Her name is Loren Underwood, age 31 and a Registered Nurse, and she wants to take on 14th Congressional District incumbent Randy Hultgren, a Republican.

To applause, Underwood said, “We have an opportunity to send Randy Hultgren packing.”

She outlined her work to set up the Affordable Care Act and said she was interested in going to Washington to preserve it.

She touted her roles as both a provider (a Registered Nurse) and a policy maker.

She told of having a heart condition.

“They sold out millions of Americans who have a pre-existing condition.

Underwood said she was “not running to raise awareness.

“We need a real Representative.”

Underwood characterized herself as a “31-year old woman, a regular American, a working person just like many of you.”

Loren Underwood

A questioner wanted to know if she favored “a single payer” health system.

Underwood did not give a short answer.

“We haven’t had a full cost analysis” was part of her reply.

“We have no idea how we’re going to pay for it.”

Speaking to tax reform, Underwood contended that it “is putting us further in debt.”

When asked by McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman about the “red, red district” in which she is running, she admitted that the 14th District was a “R +5” one.

That means a generic Republican running against a generic Democrat would lose by five percentage points.

“However, we are now targeting.

“We can flip this district because we know Randy Hultgren isn’t showing up.”

She also referenced the “energy” of Democrats.

Earlier Underwood said, “I think we’re having a revolution right now.”

“If you don’t see me on Chicago television, please do not be dismayed.

“People are not happy in the direction that the country is going.

“Mr. Hultgren is part of the swamp that needs to be drained.”

Underwood admitted, however, “This is not a slam dunk.”


Loren Underwood Ready to Take on Congressman Randy Hultgren — 18 Comments

  1. We need meticulous, prodigious research on her salary, benefits, projected future pension, and how many millions will that cost to the already overtaxed, good citizens of rural, compassionate conservative McHenry county. Let’s get those books open…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Her actual name is Lauren Underwood. This blog is so shoddy.

  3. I found that out after I wrote the headline, which shall be corrected.

    Thank you again.

  4. And counts on citizen editors like you.

    Thanks for being the second person to notice my mistake.

  5. The vast majority of the “…people who will lose health care…” are people who will leave voluntarily if the fines are eliminated that are required by Obamacare’s extortion program.

    I have several clients who pay the extortion because it is cheaper than buying the lousy Obamacare programs even with the subsidies.

  6. An interesting comment by the new candidate about people are not happy about the direction the county is going.

    Correction needed.

    People WERE NOT happy in the direction the country was going in the last 4 years of Obama’s term in office.

    That is why American patriots elected Donald Trump.

    Numerous polls in the last 4 years of Obama showed increasing displeasure in his miserable leadership.

  7. She’ll be a great rep!

    But in Cuba not Illinois.

    Hultgren is low impact do-nothing.

  8. Loern says:

    “People are not happy in the direction that the country is going.”

    That was true while Obama was President. The reason Trump was elected was that people WERE NOT happy with the direction of President Obama and Hillary Clinton would have been more of the same Plus her corruption.

  9. This is the raddled mindset that theTrump Party is now owning: DELUSION AND LIES.

    Sad state of affairs.


  10. Why am I getting unwanted text messages on my personal cell phone from her volunteers whom I don’t know.

    Just like Democrats like to do, spend a working man’s money-text cost $

  11. I will vote for someone who is interested in going to the house and get it done.

  12. This woman is not an RN. She never got her nursing degree. Look it up. She’s a straight up liar. Shameful.

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