Barb Wheeler Introduces Bill to Ban Bump-Fire Rifle Add-ons

A press release from State Rep. Barbara Wheeler:

Wheeler & IL Rifle Association Work Together on Bump-Fire Stock Bill

State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) is working in conjunction with the Illinois State Rifle Association on legislation to curtail the presence of so-called “bump-fire stocks” in Illinois. House Bill 4120 prevents the future sale and possession of the device used during the deadly Las Vegas shooting which left 59 people dead.

“I’m the first person to stand-up for our essential right as Americans to keep and bear arms, whether for personal protection, hunting or another sporting purpose,” said Wheeler.

“However, the horrific events in Las Vegas showed quite clearly the devastation that can be caused by a rifle attachment like a bump-fire stock in the hands of an ill person.

“After speaking with firearm experts and the Illinois State Rifle Association, we all agreed that bump-fire stocks have no practical protection or sporting use and should be taken off the market.”

Under HB 4120, it will become illegal to import, sell, manufacture, transfer or possess a bump-fire stock in Illinois.

Wheeler noted that since 1935 U.S. law has banned most automatic weapons, like the Tommy gun made famous by horrific mob violence in the early years of the 20th century. Since the only purpose of the bump-fire stock is to increase a rifles rate of fire to perform like an automatic firearm, it is an end-around way of skirting safety laws already in place for decades.

“I want to thank the State Rifle Association for working with me to craft this legislation to improve public safety while ensuring the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Illinoisans is not infringed,” said Wheeler.

In response to the events in Las Vegas, a slew of unreasonable bills have been filed in Illinois, such as HB 4107 and HB 4112. Wheeler said these bills are knee jerk reactions that broadly infringe on the rights of law-abiding Americans rather than addressing specific causes of violence or loopholes in the law that allow dangerous people and criminals to get their hands on firearms.

For additional information about HB 4120, Click here.


Barb Wheeler Introduces Bill to Ban Bump-Fire Rifle Add-ons — 19 Comments

  1. Bs. This vegas attack is a false flag to taking away our guns.

    2 amendment is a right to protect us from the government.

    And there still no answers with one lone gun man shooting all theses rounds.

    And another shooting the same time being covered up at the hooters where 14 ambulances were puling bodies out of that bar a mile away.

    Taking away a bump stock is making the individual weaker.

    Its just knee jerk law.

  2. The trouble is MS Wheeler has no idea what she is talking about.

    It’s a total non-issue unless you are liberal nitwit that hollers about everything and anything.

    Snowflakes and politicians make me sick.

    Why don’t you go after the real issues like the poisoning of our food, air and water?

    (Instead of rallying around a hoax in Vegas!!)

  3. And the nitwits are out today.

    I should be selling tin foil hats on every street corner.

    Cal’s marching fools who are led by the Parade Marshal Cal himself.

    (I think he goes to all the parades to get the free stuff tossed out by the participants.)

  4. Tom, Tin foil hats, or not, the 2nd amendment expressly states the entire premise behind it.

    And agree with it or not, it wasn’t for “personal protection or sport shooting”.

  5. She has absolutely NO/ZERO idea of what the hell she is talking about!

    ATF needs to do a better job of who gets those bump stocks but they are also used for people that have disabilities that like to go gun ranges as well.

    If you want to fix your gun problem why don’t you pass a bill that has strict minimum 10 yr sentences for people found with illegal guns in there possession.

    How many people in Illinois even own bump stocks?

    Do you even know these people?

    NO because you don’t do your homework!

    Illinois and Chicago have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation and your making it illegal?

    What is the punishment?

    Pass a bill that has teeth not some bloated stupid bill!

    Again either your going to take all guns away or start having some teeth with people who have illegal guns!

  6. Bump stocks were approved for sale/use by the ATF under the OBAMA administration, yet
    how often do you hear about that fact in the MSM or by the gun grabbers on the Left ?

    Want to put an end to the Chicago blood bath Shoot – O – Rahma ?

    Bring back capitol punishment in Illinois.

  7. The Illinois State Rifle Association, the local affiliate of the NRA was a fierce opponent and critic of Rep Wheeler’s brother Al Salvi, when he flipped from strong NRA to the gun grabber side.

    It is good to see various strains of Conservatives working together.

  8. Attention Barb Wheeler….you are toast… forget the next election..join in along side long Kid….

  9. Wasn’t ricky ricardo a wife abuser?

    I think he used to hit Lucy. Right?

  10. I have no interest in bump firing, because ammo is too expensive to wantonly waste in that manner, but this is pointless feel good legislation that won’t accomplish a thing.

    Just about any shooter can use a rubber band to bump fire nearly any semiautomatic rifle, and a skilled shooter can usually bump fire without any mechanical aids at all.

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