Orville Brettman Attacks Mary McClellan’s Polling Place Consolidation

McHenry County Board candidate Orville Brettman, running in District 6 as a Republican, has produced a graphic attacking Republican County Clerk Mary McClellan’s plan to drastically consolidate polling places.

The graphic is being distributed on Facebook.

Orville Brettman criticizes drastic consolildation of polling places.

As reported before, this is not a partisan issue.


Orville Brettman Attacks Mary McClellan’s Polling Place Consolidation — 18 Comments

  1. I see Orv does not want to save tax payers money rather he would like to attack the county clerk with no basis for his attacks.

    We don’t need county board members who don’t do their homework.

  2. Everyone wants to save money.

    Let’s start with the patronage hires.

    Playing a cheap shell game with polling places is really bad politics.

  3. You don’t even know what you are talking about there is over a million dollar savings in new equipment by consolidating.

    So as McHenry county enters 2019 the savings would be realized but again Orv you did not do your homework.

    You just attack without any basis.

    Why don’t you talk to the county clerk and the election judges and see the benefit of this consolidation.

    The answer is you don’t want to help you just want to have a campaign piece with mis information at the expense of someone else’s hard work.

  4. Orv is two weeks too late on this issue.

    It might have been more relevant if he attacked the incumbent county board members who voted for the hires instead of attacking his party’s county clerk.

    But go ahead, cause dissent in your ranks.

    Is Orv also opposed to the consolidation of the recorders office?

    Also, no mention of expenses on the State Board website to distribute this garbage.

    So, Orv is now crafting memes to distribute on the blog that had a viewership of less than 400 people.

    Orv, you are green and it shows.

  5. The polling places are rented for the day.

    The fewer polling places the less rent.

  6. Vote Orv and Ersel!

    Lot of people here sounding like they should be working in their elected positions during business hours.

    Will need to verify the “official” places prior to voting and put out an easy to read list/map.

    Or utilize early voting. Those places are easy to find and accessible to all.

  7. As a previous election judge I am sure we could manage with less polling places unless its a presidential election.

    If your not wanting to stand in line get an absentee ballot and vote by mail.

  8. Too funny.

    You can vote early just about anywhere, so pull up your big boy pants.

  9. I’m guessing Moderate does not live in District 6, but, regardless, welcome back.

  10. How does Joe feel about the polling place consolidation?

    Orv may be picking the wrong target to get noticed.

  11. A loose cannon republican complaining of voter suppression.

    It’s a strange county.

  12. That’s old new, Rickey. He is a pedophile and a murderer! He’s in charge of the deep state! You want new news? Bruce Paddock was charged with child porn this morning.

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