Rauner Running Again — 10 Comments

  1. Quote from Rauner: “I looked Illinoisans in the eye and promised to fight business as usual.”

    He looked me in the eye and stated “immigration is a federal problem”.

    Then he signed legislation which is designed to impede the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

    Of course he had the support of the ‘dumbed down’ sheriff from Lake County and many on his staff.

    Earlier this year he stated he would veto taxpayer funded abortions.

    – we know we can trust whatever he says right?

  2. Whoever runs and whoever wins will never change a single thing going on.

  3. RINO Rauner is doing his part in driving home sales to
    new record highs while driving families and business out of Illinois and further into debt.

    I’m sure Madigan is very proud of him and therefore he will not get another chance
    to play me, and others, for a fool.

  4. He’s got ‘loser’ written all over his lying face.

    He forgot his base … now he can eat it!

    When he dissed Trump and made Illinois a sanctuary state, he showed his true colors.


  5. I am looking third party myself.

    Does Rauner have any Republican accomplishments on which to run?

    I can’t think of any.

  6. After he made this state a re-run of the left coast Governor Moonbeam’s California, safe for illegals and against the Federal government, this RINO has run his last race- wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last man in the state

  7. His pain in the ass wife seems to be behind his about face on his campaign issues in 2014.

    Can’t wait to see how effective this strategy will be in the white, affluent liberal areas of the state.

  8. I’m too lazy to look up the video.

    Did Rauner mention whether he’s running as an ‘R’ or a ‘D’?

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