Woodstock Police Make Car Gun Burglary Arrest

A press release from the Woodstock Police Department:

Arrest – Burglary to Motor Vehicle and Possession of Stolen Firearms

On Friday, October 20th , 2017, at 12:33 p.m., the Woodstock Police Department Patrol Division initiated an investigation regarding at least two reported incidents of burglary to motor vehicle that occurred within its jurisdiction.

During the course of the investigations, it was reported that several firearms (three shotguns and one pistol) along with numerous other items had been taken from one of the vehicles that had been parked overnight in the Applewood subdivision.

Treyveon Ashley

A person of interest, Treyveon Q. Ashley of Woodstock, was identified during the quickly evolving investigation.

Detectives from the Woodstock Police Department Criminal Investigation Division located and met with Ashley.

Based off of this interaction with Ashley, the detectives conferred with the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office, and then a search warrant was obtained; upon executing the search warrant, two of the shotguns were recovered as evidence.

Again, conferring with the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office, charges were approved (see below) and Ashley was transferred to the McHenry County Correctional Facility.

This investigation is closely tied to the recent Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm investigation in which Maurice C. Timberlake has been charged with similar crimes.

During that facet of the investigation, both the stolen pistol and the third shotgun were recovered, thus, all the weapons that had been stolen in this incident have been accounted for.

Arrested Person: Treyveon Q. Ashley (M/B/21)


  • Possession of a Stolen Firearm (2 cts.) – Class 2 Felony
  • Poss. of a Firearm w/o a FOID Card – Class A Misdemeanor
  • Burglary (2 cts.) – Class 2 Felony Theft (Under $500) – Class A Misdemeanor
  • Criminal Trespass to Vehicle (2 cts.) – Class A
  • Misdemeanor Financial ID Theft – Class 4
  • Felony Threatening a Public Official – Class 3 Felony

Next Court Date: 11-14-17 @ 9:00 A.M.

Maurice Timberlake

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Woodstock Police Make Car Gun Burglary Arrest — 12 Comments

  1. Thug life in Woodstock interrupted by Woodstock P.D.

    – Good work guys !

    Plenty more where this one came from.

  2. Not a chance. LOL.

    You can tell just by looking at these sweethearts that they grew up on a local farm.

    NOT !

  3. Should the owner of the vehicle also be charged for improper gun storage?

  4. Section 8 Housing at its best.

    Isn’t diversity wonderful?

  5. bred winner: here’s what happened:

    McHenry Co. was declared ‘too White’ in 2009 by Obongo’s HUD ….section 8 vouchers showered on Chicongo demorats.

    taxpayer funded demographic change.

    presto ….. schools are places of danger and filth

    crime rates soar

    democrats get elected

    things get worse and worse, little by little …. until the big explosion.

  6. His IQ is really 65.

    That’s why the Democrat precinct captain has to go into the voting booth with him, to make sure he voters for Franks.

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