Bid Opening Date Set for Edwards Road Bridge Replacement Project

Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser has re-posted the bid for the Edwards Road Bridge replacement project.  The project was halted when Township Clerk Karen Lukasik contested the legality of the process.

The bid opening information is below:


Bid Opening Date Set for Edwards Road Bridge Replacement Project — 10 Comments

  1. Here is the agreement that was signed on behave of Alg twh:

    Based on that agreement Karen was correct in avoiding more legal problems.

    Yet both of Cal’s posts make it sound like she is the heal instead of the hero.

    Why is that?

    I’m sure the homeowners aren’t happy, but while Andrew made another rookie mistake, would the County dudes even of bid out the work this quickly in the first place?

  2. Often, when a bid and the results are open knowledge, the re-bid comes in at a lower price.

  3. Nob: The clerk as a spouse of a recently retired first responder certainly knows full well that this political game being played poses a significant risk to the citizens who’s homes cannot be reached by fire rescue.

    Any loss of property or life falls on the Clerk, the former Road Commissioner who refused to address and their family member reputations.

  4. Froggy I’m concerned about saftey as much as anybody else and I believe the clerk is also.

    She still has the responsibility to protect the other 88k residents from lawsuits.

    It’s not at this point political games even if the Miller haters want it to be.

    I also find it odd since the bridge has been declared unsafe for sometime now the sense of urgency is just now being politicized by the pro NDR group?

    I went down there just a few minutes ago, call it a fact finding mission.

    It was suggested that a Bailey bridge could be used for safety reasons, and yes it could, there are two spots for one lane or even two lane temp bridges.

    Why hasn’t that concept been applied already.

    $$$$$$ of course and who shells it out.

    Prior to the agreement not Alg twhs, nor the liability of the temp bridges either.

    Follow the $$$$, come on.

    Now it’s a different game of course, so I’d call Pete Roskam and try to get a military Bailey or
    M60E1 bridge to that area asap.

    Pete’s up for reelection, a perfect time.

  5. Cal, I don’t have a fine cat taking camera like you have, perhaps you could head down there and take some pictures like Dennis ave?

    The channel under the bridge is silted in and the need for a expensive bridge may not be warrented.

    Let’s go bond. Lol

  6. Nob your smarter than that.

    Clearly a Political game.

    Made all the worse because up until recently the reputation and service to the Village was well remembered.

    The clerk knows the risks to the citizens impacted.

    She should choose another issue to make Gasser look bad.

    I’m sure there are other things she can do that wouldn’t put lives and property at risk.

    One thing made clear is we can expect this type of petty crap not serving the taxpayers until either she or Gasser are replaced.

  7. If it wasn’t clear enough before that this is an obstruction game for the clerk, it is now.

    She is now refusing to attend the new, lawful bid opening because the three days she was offered as a courtesy “doesnt fit in her work schedule.”

  8. Update: The clerk has now acquiesced attending the bid opening on 11/15.

  9. Froggy, yes every thing that involves gov is politcal to some degree, the law itself is political.

    Most likely written before the internet, and probably with the newspaper lobby pushing for it.

    My point was it is still on the books and it was/is her job to follow a dumb law.

    Andrew is a rookie, mistakes happen, we’re all human after all.

    He needs to be more patient, the bidding by Alg may cost us more because the bids keep coming in higher than the amount the county is willing to cover.

    Had it stayed in county control they would of ate the extra costs, then and only then should he have accepted responsiblity.

    There were allot of untruths during the election, or half truths, from both sides I’m not comfortable

    I wish we’d move on from the past and just deal with the future.

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