Football Coach of the Year for Prairie Ridge High School’s Chris Schremp

Football Coach Chris Schremp

A press release from Crystal Lake High School District 155:

Coach Schremp Earns IHSA Football Coach of the Year Award

Prairie Ridge High School football coach Chris Schremp was selected by the Administrative Staff at IHSA to receive the 2016-17 Football Coach of the Year Award. A

ccording to the letter sent by IHSA, “this prestigious honor is based upon the positive work that you have done with the athletes.”

“I was shocked when I received the letter because I had no idea I was even being considered for the award. My next thought was it has my name on it but in football it’s truly about my staff. I’ve had my core group of staff members around for all 16 years of my tenure and that is a special group and that is why I am being recognized is because of the hard work and dedication of my staff,” said Chris Schremp, Prairie Ridge head football coach.

Coach Schremp has been coaching football for 24 years, 21 years at Prairie Ridge High School. He has spent the last 16 years as head coach.

“My favorite part about coaching by far is being around the players and coaches,” said Schremp. “It’s also very satisfying to see our players move on to college and their careers and seeing them be successful makes me feel proud to have helped them in some way.”

It’s about more than just football said Schremp. His coaching staff emphasizes academic success, team-building, and community involvement, while aspiring to develop integrity, and discipline in every player.

“He cares about his players he teaches us life lessons and if you ever need anything you know he will be there for you,” said Jeffrey Jenkins, Prairie Ridge football captain. “One thing I’ve tried to take from him is how he handles himself, he never gets too up or down, and is always thinking about what is the smartest choice and I’m hoping that is something I can take with me to Iowa.”

During his tenure, Coach Schremp has won two IHSA state championships, the first in 2011, followed by an undefeated season in 2016.

“Winning the two State Championships is always going to be very special to me. The first state title was awesome because it was the first one any school in Crystal Lake ever won. Last year was tremendous because I was able to win it with my daughters working right next to me on the sidelines as managers,” said Schremp.

When he is not coaching football, he coaches his daughter’s’ travel softball team. Football and softball take up most of his free time.

“I am trying to teach my players how to be successful later in life. I want our guys to leave high school being a better man because they were part of our program,” said Schremp.

The Illinois High School Association will submit Coach Schremp’s name to the National Federation of State High School Associations. In January 2018, the NFHS will announce national coaches of the year.


Football Coach of the Year for Prairie Ridge High School’s Chris Schremp — 6 Comments

  1. Open the Books lists his 2016 annual wages as $119,820.

    That would be his 16th year of service using figures from previous ISBE TSR.

    Thus if he never receives another wage increase for his next 19 years of service and retires after his 35th year of service, his starting TRS pension will be $119,820 x .75 = $98,865.

    That pension would increase 3% annually in retirement due to the 3% COLA.


    Apparently Mr. Schremp was not a certified teacher early in his Prairie Ridge coaching career, and became a certified teacher about the time he became a head coach, as the press release indicates he has been coaching football at Prairie Ridge for 21 years, a head football coach at the school for 16 years, and the ISBE TSR calculates to 16 years of coaching as of 2016.

  2. Be a patriot. See a teacher? Thank a teacher! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Transposed numbers.

    Starting TRS pension if no raise in next 19 years of service and retires after 35 years of service is $89,865.

    The pension increases 3% annually in retirement due to the 3% COLA.

  4. As great as his record has been this year, he was a better coach last year winning the State Championship with a team that was primarily Juniors.

    Congratulations to the entire program and best wishes for success throughout your lives.

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