Pam Althoff, the Woman Jack Franks Does Not Want on the County Board

Pam Althoff

Wednesday night at McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim’s Meet and Greet in Marengo, another person told me that he had heard State Senator Pam Althoff was going to run for the County Board.

As I was waking up the day after, it occurred to me that Althoff could beat Jack Franks for County Board Chairman (or Chairwoman).

Jack Franks

While former State Representative and County Board Chairman Mike Tryon was not interested in the job when it was created, Althoff might be.

As Chairwoman, she would lead a solid majority of Republicans and could probably use her persuasive ability and charm to convince them to agree on what they want to do.

How different would that be from watching Franks charm or intimidate members to vote his way.


Pam Althoff, the Woman Jack Franks Does Not Want on the County Board — 11 Comments

  1. Cal does not live in Althoff’s district and appears to be unaware of the relationship between Franks and Althoff.

  2. Is Althoff positioning herself to take over the County GOP to ensure the ‘establishment’ Republicans regain control?

  3. Is Pam’s agenda the best agenda for our county should be the question.

  4. Actually, I do live in Pam Althoff’s State Senate District.

  5. Think about this.. Jack Franks will only be in McHenry County as Board Chairman for at most 3 more yrs.

    Because what is Jack’s legacy going to be.

    Failed State Rep. and then Chairman of the County.

    Jack’s ego is to big to be here for 8 or 12 yrs.

    He wants Governor still.

    If he didn’t why would he still be involved with the state and Rauner trying to get Amazon here?

    Which will never happen and if it did another notch for Jack Franks.

    Franks needs the limelight!

    Where does he find the time to try and lure Amazon, run the County, be on bank boards etc..

    Oh yeah hire the assistant to do your job.

    Pam will take the County Board Chairmanship.

    She has a stock pile of money that no County Board member can match if they want to run for that spot.

    Do what Jack did and outspend your opponents.

    Springfield politics is alive and well

  6. In my experience, the major difference between Frank’s and Althoff’s politics is the letter after their title: D or R.

    It’s pretty amusing to see this crowd act like one is great and the other evil.

  7. With the possible exception of the Jack Franks cheering section, I don’t think that a whole lot of people on this blog have a very high opinion of Pamela Althoff.

  8. For once I agree with Joek, but only as it applies to losers Franks and Althoff!

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