Andrew Gasser Proposes 5% Cut in Algonquin Township Road District Taxes

Andrew Gasser

$3,729,762.70 is the amount that Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser will ask be levied for the Road District next year.

This year, $3,926,154.18–almost $200,000 more–was extracted from property owners in Algonquin Township.

Gasser proposes cutting the budget proposed by predecessor Bob Miller by 5%.

In year before Miller’s last year, he levied $4,049,030.71, so in his last year in office he cut taxes by 3%.

Here is what Gasser published on his web site:

5 Percent Tax Cut Proposed

When you elected me to by your Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner I made several promises with you.

To date I have kept them all and today is no exception.

Our property taxes are outrageous and I am cutting the levies I have control over.

This morning I forwarded on to the Algonquin Township Supervisor, Clerk, and Trustees a very fiscally responsible property tax cut of five (5) percent for 2017 to be collected in 2018 for the Algonquin Township Highway Department.

The tax levy will be voted on November 8th, 2017 at 7 PM at the Algonquin Township monthly meeting.  Please click here to open up the draft tax reduction ordinance in PDF format.

With over $2.6 million in cash reserves we have the money to offer this reasonable request.

We are also releasing our levy in a searchable PDF format which is new.

I am quite certain that we can continue our fiscally responsible policies and lower levies in future years while maintaining the high level of service we enjoy.


Andrew Gasser Proposes 5% Cut in Algonquin Township Road District Taxes — 13 Comments

  1. Bravo!

    Let’s ask the other taxing bodies follow Andrews leadership!


    With a declining enrollment and c
    Number of classrooms surely you can do a measly 5%

  2. Why don’t you stop paying attorney fees and wasting tax payer dollars on frivolous lawsuits and you could get my attention.

    You have wasted more than 5% in your actions of firing people without just cause and paving crystal lake ave and stripping it incorrectly, wiping out the bike lane.

    Your in experience and inability to get good counsel is showing again.

  3. That paving and stripping is from the previous administration I believe.

    I think that contract was but in place way before Gasser.

  4. No Gasser gave the order to widen the lanes and the stripes were placed based upon his direction

  5. Pacco is factually incorrect.

    There were no orders on how to paint the lines on Crystal Lake Avenue or Three Oaks Road.

    The specs for painting the bike baths were not in the contract for the project.

    When the engineer called me up and asked me how to paint the road and after talking about it and reviewing the law, we decided to follow the IDOT standard.

    Pacco you are more than welcome to look at the engineering specs and see for yourself.

    The striping specs were not contained in the engineering document.

    This is a re-occurring theme at the Highway Department but it shall not last forever.

    Moving forward on all road projects that require striping we will have the bike path spec in the engineering document.

    Here is the base spec we will start with and adapt from as required.

    – All lanes with speed limits under 45 MPH will be 10 feet six (6) inches wide.
    – Center line striping shall have two (2) inches of separation between double yellow or dashed yellow striping.
    – We will work with the biking community to have bike paths where it is possible, and safe.
    – Bikers will have input on striping

    I wasn’t even going to respond here but this is an opportunity to share information in which so many people would like to know about bike paths.

    I do not like keeping secrets like this and the more people know about how the system works the better.

    Next year we will be resurfacing Kings Bridge which will not require bike paths.

    However, in 2019 we will have South Rawson Bridge Road on the schedule and we will work to make sure a bike path is available contingent on the width of the road.

    It is a shame that anonymous cowards can make such claims without backing it up but this is what our society has devolved into.

    If anyone has any questions on bike paths you can always email me at agasser@algonquintownship.scom or give me a buzz.

    My number is out there and not hard to find.

    Meanwhile – even with all the challenges at the Highway Department we still cut taxes… and I will cut taxes again next year too.

    Watch me.

    Be Blessed,

  6. Bike paths are unneeded carppola. When did Americans turn into such clueless sissies?

  7. Bike paths raise property value I bet. They’re not for sissies, especially on a road like Rawson.

  8. Andrew what is on your proposal doesn’t show all the line item numbers found in a normal Alg twh budget.

    It would be more tranparent and easier to compare in that form.

    Is there somewhere to see it in that form?

  9. Nice to have a public servant like Andrew address the issues.

    Thank you for the leadership.

    I am using your example of cutting the levy in my communication with D155 board.

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