Rauner: Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims – You All Come

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Governor Rauner Offers Illinois as Host State for Hurricane Maria Victims

Illinois Continues to Stand Ready to Help Puerto Rico

SPRINGFIELD (Nov. 2, 2017) – Governor Bruce Rauner today expressed his desire for Illinois to serve as a host state for disaster victims from Puerto Rico who were displaced by Hurricane Maria.

Rauner contacted the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) Region V office in Chicago to let them know the state of Illinois would like to be considered for FEMA’s Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) program, which FEMA and announced on Monday.

“Illinois continues to stand ready to help our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico as they recover from the unbelievable destruction caused by Hurricane Maria,” said Rauner. “

At the very least, it will be many months before some survivors will once again have a home on the island. We want to do everything possible to help them through this very difficult time.”

Under the TSA program, FEMA is seeking host states in the Continental U.S. to coordinate support for Puerto Ricans displaced by the hurricane. FEMA will reimburse host states for 100 percent of eligible sheltering costs.

Rauner has directed the Illinois Emergency Management Agency to work with FEMA Region V staff on a host state agreement. Puerto Rican Governor Rosello will determine what states serve as host states.

On Oct. 1, Governor Rauner contacted Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosello to express Illinois’ willingness and ability to send state personnel and assets to assist him and the citizens of Puerto Rico as they work to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.


Rauner: Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims – You All Come — 24 Comments

  1. Why doesn’t this idiot concentrate on fixing his own bankrupt, overtaxed wasteland first?

  2. RINO Rauner just can’t give away enough of the overtaxed payers money.

    I predict more home for sale signs will be going up as people
    flee the tyranny of RINO Rauner and his tax and spend DEMOCRAT cohorts.

    Really, do you expect these people to leave and return to their homeland
    after they’ve been gifted with a cornucopia of government goodies paid for
    by Illinois taxpayers ?

    And who will pick up the bill for rebuilding Puerto Rico ?

  3. The People of Puerto Rico started protesting about the Shelling and Bombardment of Vieques Island
    Hollywood Stars show up to protest, as did You guessed it Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and from Chicago U.S. Rep Luiz Gutierrez (who claimed he was there to help his people)

    I wonder who picked up the tab on those expenses.

    Militant Edward James Olmos also in attendance Robt Kennedy Jr, Mario Cuomo, Benico Del Toro. the list goes on

    Some time during the early stages of the Bush Administration, President Bush was asked to stop the shelling and close the Naval base .

    Bush being a nice guy said you want it closed OK, were do I sign, the Gov of Puerto Rico was happy his prayers were answered, He went back to Puerto Rico a proud man, saying look, people, what we forced the President of the United States of America to do.

    Bush closed the Naval Base, putting 1700 civilian workers out of a job,, millions in AID gone, All Naval personnel left, no hundreds of Sailors on shore leave spending their pay in the local shops, with in a month, the Government of Puerto Rico was Bankrupt, They were so broke the unemployment office had to close.

    Puerto Rico said Look what Bush and America has done to us!

    Somewhere at a certain time in the evening when the sun goes down, the crickets chirp, George sits on his patio and sips a glass of beer, and thinks about those days and a small smile comes across his face.

  4. Is he out of his bleeping mind!

    More welfare deadbeats to add to the ones streaming in from WI, IL, KY and MO????
    [They come bc IL welfare pays more than these states!]


  5. The Hurricane Katrina refugees from New Orleans caused more damage to Houston than Hurricane Harvey did.

    Hopefully, the Hurricane Maria refugees will prefer to settle in warmer climes.

    I’m really glad winter is nigh.

  6. I put my name on the list as people willing to take in a family from Katrina. Thankfully, no one ever followed up on that.

  7. Thank you Governor Rauner for doing the right thing again, which explains the fury of my family-values, fake christian, God-fearing, pro-life, gun-clinging, freedom-loving, rural, fiscally responsible, compassionate conservative brothers and sisters. And the clock keeps ticking…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Angel wants to house and feed all of them .

    They are his relatives.

    He is going to donate his salary to fix the homeland.

    Don’t worry about them taking our jobs, they don’t like to work.

  9. We need to provoke a situation to stir up the independence movement in Puerto Rico, and then grant independence before they change their minds.

    Perhaps we could ask them to pay income tax.

  10. Sunshine alert! Sunshine alert! Beware of agitators! Where is an irresponsible prodigious researcher when you need one? Oh, well…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. Billy Bob, I agree about them paying income tax, but first they would have to work to have income to tax.

  12. How could you not support the glorious gop? Presidential candidates with shotguns on stage; gubernatorial candidates riding a Harley Davidson…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  13. How about those Dumbocrats !

    Fixing the primary election, selling US uranium to the Russians, taxing the crap out of hard working people to fund all their liberal give away programs to get votes from dumb asses like liberal Angel.

  14. Cindy, did you ever read “The Franklin Cover Up”?

    The Author was told to write the book, for his own safety.

    The fella who told him to write the book, was William Colby . . .

    Colby, by the way, was later found dead, accidental drowning in the Potomac.

    Hopefully Donna saved her life by writing the book.

  15. I know the book. Killery wasn’t involved in that death.(?) Things ae much worse today. (Hard to imagine, huh?)

  16. He needs the voters.

    Rauners career is over but at least he saved his marriage by bending to her and since his abortion sellout can still count on north shore liberal cocktail party invites.

  17. Angel, how many illegals, I mean refugees
    Are You housing?

  18. Yes, but I think at that particular time she was busy with Mena cadavers.

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