Robert Hanlon Wins Legal Fees in Ironworkers Union Case

In the case of D5 Ironworks, Inc et al v. Local 395 Ironworkers, AFL-CIO, Case Number: 2:16-cv-00200-JVB-PRC, Woodstock attorney Robert Hanlon has been awarded attorney’s fees.

The order follows:


The Court AWARDS Plaintiffs D5 Ironworks and Richard Lindner their reasonable expenses incurred in opposing the Motion to Compel, including attorney fees.

The Court ORDERS Plaintiffs’ counsel to FILE an affidavit detailing the costs and fees incurred in litigating the Motion to Compel on or before 11/13/2017. T

he Union may file a response by 11/27/2017.

A reply, if any, may be filed on or before 12/4/2017.

Signed by Magistrate Judge Paul R Cherry on 10/31/2017. (jss)

Local 395 is located in Portage, Indiana.

Hanlon is Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser’s attorney in his cast against Local 150 of the Operating Engineers.


Robert Hanlon Wins Legal Fees in Ironworkers Union Case — 17 Comments

  1. Cal your link to the case doesn’t work, tried it on phone and computer.

    Unless this case is directly relative to Alg Twh trying to bust the union, what is the point?

    I appears this is either an attempt to scare the Alg Twh union, or a puff piece for possible future advertizing on this blog.

  2. Is Robert Hanson paying for this post advertising his services?

  3. More impartiality at its worst by a bitter old man.

    What does Hammond have to do with algonquIn?

    You had go pretty darn to find something positive for your pals, nasty old man.

    It’s actually pretty funny

  4. Congratulations Hanlon!

    You’re a Hell of a lawyer.

    It warms my heart when the good guy gets his due.

  5. No Doodle, Cal probably took the opportunity to show off the only 2 guys in Hammond, that work and actually have jobs.

  6. How could Hanlon be awarded fees if he hasn’t come up with the specific amount of time he spent fighting Booby Miller’s (alias “Doodie’s”) lamebrain union scams?

  7. “This Opinion and Order only addresses the request to compel
    answers to the Amended Second Set of Interrogatories served on June 21, 2017, and the Amended
    Document Request served on June 26, 2017.”

  8. Between “fair play” and “doodie” you wouldn’t think they read the story.

    The lawsiut with the steel workers union has nothing to do with Mr Gasser.

    Cal has merely reported the plaintiffs are represented by the same lawyer.

  9. So Hanlon gets fees related to ONLY his efforts to get the Union to timely file an answer to an Amended Second Set of interrogatories (i.e., the Union replied to the First Set of Interrogatories, and the Second Set, but not the AMENDED Second Set)?

    Yeah, so two or three hours’ time MAX will be allowed by the judge for those efforts.

    I’m surprised that this is even news.

    The headline might as well read: Local Lawyer Wins $1,000 Court Award.

    This seems like an awfully convenient story to rehabilitate the reputation of a guy who is getting bloodied up over missed deadlines, sanctions, and huge legal bills in the Algonquin Township case.

  10. Yesterday, the Federal Judge in that case awarded the specific fees and approved Hanlon’s rate at $400.00/hr and Michael Avakian’s rate at $540/hr as reasonable.

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