Prim Hosting Meet and Greet in Harvard Wednesday, November 8th

McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim must have liked what he saw in Marengo at his Meet and Greet the end of October.

He is holding another one in Harvard this Wednesday at J’s Lanes from 5:30-7.

Here is the place to RSVP.

It appeared there were drop-ins who had not RSVPed to the Marengo event.

J’s Lanes is located across Route 14 from Walmart in Harvard.



Prim Hosting Meet and Greet in Harvard Wednesday, November 8th — 11 Comments

  1. Isn’t he the fellow who backed Bobby Miller?

    I remember the full page NWH spread.

  2. That decision was made on the experience needed and safety.

    It is the Sheriff’s Dept. that patrols the township roads and there must be good and strict maintenance on the roads.

    They have to safely patrol those areas.

    Squads cannot be slipping and sliding on ice.

    They have to be able to have the roads quickly cleared of falling trees, etc.

    If a person with the experience and qualifications needed for the job were running against Miller, Sheriff would would have had a difference choice.

    He has to put his men and citizens safety first.

  3. People do make mistakes, and Prim wasn’t the only one doing the safe ‘thing.’

  4. Same reason Prim did not release a load of ICE detainees that were felons on the community.

    Old Man, if your son or daughter had to drive a squad in bad conditions, you might not be so sarcastic.

    You call 911 and you need help, do you want the officer to get there or let you hang while they slide off of a road into God knows what??

  5. The bowling alley isn’t really next to Walmart.

    It’s across rt 14 from Walmart next to a lot that used to be a gas station.

  6. Agree with Old Man Winter; Prim’s endorsement of Miller had nothing to do with safe roads!

    he thought he’d pick up all the Miller support, and found it wasn’t there.

    And, didn’t Prim give Serwatka a big political pat on the back?

    Not a good judge of character, Sheriff Prim, deja vus McNamara.

  7. OldManWinter says doing the safe thing, and then puts thing in parenthesis.

    What an idiot.

  8. Not reading comprehensive, Watching?

    Those were NOT parenthesis – those were air quotes!

  9. I’m watching ‘Watching’ a Franks flack, doin’ it on the taxpayers’ time and dime!

    Avast ye rats.

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