Add Tithers and Those Who Contribute a Lot to Charity to the “Big Loser” List That Started with High Real Estate Taxpayers

Little crosses stuck in the ground outside the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake at Easter of 2009.

Our CPA tells us that the big losers in the Republican tax plan will be those who make significant charitable contributions.

That sounds like the type of people who supported Donald Trump’s election.

Add in those who have high property taxes and it appears McHenry County residents might be wearing a target that that the tax “reform” will hit.

In the joint press conference of U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks yesterday, Franks picked up on a statistic exclusively published on McHenry County Blog–that over 15,000 county properties have tax bills over the $10,000 level which would be deductible under the proposal legislation.

Property taxes are a hot button issue in local politics.

No reason to think they could not be in congressional elections.


Add Tithers and Those Who Contribute a Lot to Charity to the “Big Loser” List That Started with High Real Estate Taxpayers — 8 Comments

  1. tronald dump received 2 very bad news tonight from Virginia and New Jersey. A year from now the United States Congress will turn blue.

    2018, are you here yet? roskam needs a new job; perhaps assistant editor of this miserable sunshine blog…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. So New Jersey and Virginia that voted for Hillary is considered a big loss for the Republicans?

    The Republicans in those states just like Illinois are leaving those disaster of states.

    Just like New York, California etc..


    because taxes are to high!

    Federal tax plan says anyone paying over $10,000 on your property tax will not get a benefit.

    Well Illinois time to fix your state so peoples taxes are not $10,000.

    So the 15,000 homes that pay over $10,000 for property taxes on a home that is what $275,000+.

    See the problem!

    The federal tax plan only hurts blue states.

    One that Republicans won’t win anyway.

    Democrats like taxes so I don’t understand what the big deal is.

    Your helping with the federal deficit that President Obama doubled while in office.

    And don’t whine about what you were handed.

    President Reagan was handed an even worse economy and turned it around much better and faster!

    Why because his 2nd term he won every state except Minnesota!

  3. “So New Jersey and Virginia that voted for Hillary is considered a big loss for the Republicans”? Here goes our political expert again. Is Chris Christie a Democrat? Terry McAuliffe won the Virginia election in 2013 for governor by a 3% margin. Ralph Northam won on Tuesday by a 9% margin. Keep in mind Virginia is a swing state. Lean forward. Listen to the blue wave coming your way…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Seriously, Angel. The problem with you socialists is that you are too stupid to understand that you are the precursor for full out communism. Your idiotic Illuminati cabal will lead you into their utopian paradise and eat you alive. Your useful idiotness to serve your own downfall has been blinded to the truth of how communism always ends. You call yourself a teacher yet you fail to understand how the real world works and what is extremely detrimental to the human race. You think you are being dogmatic, but you are just plain moronic in your blatherings. You are cheering on your own enslavement and destruction with every single incomprehensible stance you put forth. Everything you think you know has come from the pit of Hell. Why someone would purposefully choose such an evil position is truly astounding to the enlightened. (Hence all the detractors with nary a soul to encourage your fatal positions.)

    People are horrified that a teacher would be so clueless as to history of the Bolsheviks, the French Revolution, Marx, Lenin, the teachings of Weisthaupt, Baal, and Lucifer. You are completely brainwashed and know absolutely nothing that would serve your neighbors let alone yourself as redemption. Your fairy tale beliefs will not end well.

  5. Please educate me more about Pizza-gate…tic, tock, tic, tock…

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