Capitol Sex For Political Junkies – ERA and “The Girls Who Keep Their Jobs with Their Tails”

Rich Miller looked at other state capitols wrestling with sexual harassment in an article yesterday.

An issue that’s exploding across the country

If you enjoy watching politicians twist in the wind, you will like what he found.

An article found in Florida talks of end of session “closers.”

“They’re called “closers,” a reference to the end of the session when lobbyists need amendments tucked into bills and budgets — and will go to great lengths to get the legislative votes to pass them.”

This ERA button says, “Ratify ERA in 1975.”

That reminds me of the Chicago Republican who was an avowed opponent to ERA.

After a “date” with an ERA supported, he ended up voting for that Constitutional Amendment.

It also brought to mind the line in a song from the musical “Boss” that talked about “the girls that kept their jobs with their tails.”

Before my time, but I was told by an older male that it referred to Illinois Bell employees recruited from small Illinois towns to live in the “big city” of Springfield.


Capitol Sex For Political Junkies – ERA and “The Girls Who Keep Their Jobs with Their Tails” — 8 Comments

  1. Girls with tails.

    Didn’t Hugh Heffner have clubs around the US where scantily clad young women wore bunny suits with tails?

    Where were the women’s rights movements back then regarding exploitation of women?

    What did ERA proponents say about Hugh’s clubs?

  2. Hefner was a big Democrat donor.

    There has never been a Democrat who couldn’t be bought off.

  3. Last time around Phyllis Schlafly was a big player in stopping it.

    It fell a few states short of ratification.

    I think 36 states have already ratified it so it only takes two more.

  4. What many fail to remember is that 4 states which had originally voted for ERA ratification, rescinded their votes once the baleful effects of the ERA became better understood:

    “Legislators in the following states voted to rescind their earlier ratification of the ERA:[44]

    Nebraska (March 15, 1973 – Legislative Resolution No. 9)

    Tennessee (April 23, 1974 – House Joint Resolution No. 371 and Senate Joint Resolution No. 29)

    Idaho (February 8, 1977 – Senate Joint Resolution No. 133 and House Concurrent Resolution No. 10)

    Kentucky (March 17, 1978 – House (Joint) Resolution No. 2 and House (Joint) Resolution No. 20)”


  5. More states rescinded their ratification after the first year than ratified it.

  6. Sunshine blogger: This post should have been titled “Sex and the county.” Tic, tock, tic, tock…

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