Algonquin Township Road District Levy Cut 5%

Citing a promise made during his campaign for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser presented the Township Board with a levy for next year that is 5% less than what was taxed this year.

He was asked if it was high enough to pay the legal bills being incurred.

Gasser replied that there was plenty of money in the surplus he had inherited when he took office to both cut the levy 5% and pay the legal bills.

The vote to approve the levy was 4-0 with Melissa Victor being absent.


Algonquin Township Road District Levy Cut 5% — 11 Comments

  1. of course victor was absent, she has clearly shown her bias towards anything positive from camp gasser

  2. If you tell a story always give all the numbers and facts that are relative of you show bias and discredit yourself.

    Algonquin Township transfers $195K to pay for highway commissioner’s mounting legal bills
    Nov. 9, 2017.

    So far there is a court order to rehire those union employees fired and back pay.

    No news on a appeal by Team Gasser’s lawyer.

    Yes there is extra $$$$$ because a planned intersection improvement that Andrew killed and is now DOA.

    An Improvement that actually had a know payback to tax payers.

    The residents that have asked for that improvement are just being pushed aside for political gain.

    The Alg Twh residents have had a flat levy thanks to Miller for 4 years, a 10% Road fund reduction last year, and now a 5% levy because a improvement has been killed and services have been slowed or cut.

    As a resident that depends on Alg Twh road services to allow for safe travel, I’m more than a tad concerned.

  3. That cluster of a road project was dead a year ago when they failed to get the proper funding.

    The only reason that levy was reduced last year was because the township and road district jointly paid off the outstanding loan that they had.

    When all was said and done it wasn’t a full 10% cut.

    Besides it was election year.

    If he was doing such a good job with the levy then there wouldn’t be a lawsuit for excess funds.

    Quit the waltzing Nobby.

  4. If you have proof that improvement was killed last year go ahead and prove it here with a link or some document.

    The township budget shows a 10% reduction in the Road fund, the Building fund was flat from the year before, and of course the 10% cut related to having to much funding to pay for the intersection improvement.

    This 5% cut was also on the back of that intersection being put in the dumpster.

    You swing fairly well when you waltz also my friend.

  5. Bob only cut his levy because Andrew ran against him.

    Nob….your roads will be plowed.

    What about all the special perks that look like they are coming out of the wood work.

    Do we just turn a blind eye?

  6. I believe the fund was cut to not violate having to much in the fund which violated the law and with the lawsuit it needed to happen.

    Well we’ll see about how it goes this winter.

    The track record so far isn’t real promising.

    Bring out the info, let the chips fall as they may.

    Life goes on.

  7. Nob- Its amazing you continue to be on team Miller!

    An elected official cut your tax bill and you complain.

    Maybe you should give Andrew Gasser a break and let him do his job.

    The prior disclosures are just the tip of the iceberg.

    If all of that which Andrew made public before the election you may never be satisfied the people spoke for doing the right thing.

  8. I’ve said repeating myself a few times now bring out the info and let whatever happens so be it.

    My point was a intersection isn’t getting do and the 5% is nothing compared to the long term saving that would of happened if it was done.

    Andrew won, he is the man.

    We let negative things occur in the past, should we continue or be more out spoken in the future?

    Reading the comments here would say no more sleeping on the job.

    Andrew and other politicians are saying hold them responsible for their actions, and that is what I’m doing.

  9. In the past I’ve said positive things about Andrew, search it those comments are on this blog.

  10. From an idiot that thinks stealing and corruption are just negative things.

    I believe the word you are searching for would be felonies!

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