Johnsburg Buys Golf Course

Information from the Village of Johnsburg:


The Village closed on the acquisition of the Chapel Hill Golf Course property this week and are now taking steps to annex the property into Johnsburg.

As soon as ground conditions permit, we will begin removing dead trees and cleaning up the overgrowth along the Chapel Hill Road fence line.

Discussions have begun with affected utility companies to disconnect utilities from the old clubhouse in preparation for its demolition.

The Village plans to work with the McHenry Township Fire Protection District to utilize the clubhouse for training purposes, which will conclude with a complete burn of the building.

The current management company will winterize the course this fall and the Village will work on details of a new management contract in preparation for the courses operations in the spring.

We are pleased that we were able to preserve this important recreational open space located at a key entrance to the Village and are excited about the opportunities it provides our community.

As always, our goal remains to provide a golf course facility that is well maintained yet affordable for our residents.


Johnsburg Buys Golf Course — 14 Comments

  1. What was the final answer on the amount of EAV that will come off the tax rolls once this property becomes tax-exempt?

    How much property tax burden gets transferred onto everyone else in the County?

  2. Who’s the idiot up in Johnsburg (Mayor? Village Manager?) who dreamed this up?

    This will come to pass to be a gigantic White Elephant around the necks of the taxpayers!

    Happens every damn time a golf course is bought by a municipality.

    “A confluence of the economic downturn, declining interest in the sport, poor weather and a glut of course options has many government-operated golf course budget-makers wishing for a mulligan.

    “There are too many golf courses and not enough golfers,” said Michael Miller, executive director of the Illinois Professional Golfers’ Association.

    “For the health of the industry, some of the golf courses may have to go away.”

    Meanwhile, taxpayers end up covering the losses of these publicly owned courses that are operating — sometimes continuously — in the red.

    Taxpayers in the Bensenville Park District might be among the hardest hit, paying taxes to three different layers of government that own money-losing golf courses.”

  3. Residents of nearby Lakewood learned this the hard way, not only has their village owned course, Red Tail, cost a fortune, the only way to unload it would be to an eventual residential developer.

    Johnsburg can ill afford such a luxury and their course will be interesting to follow, I’m betting on the same end result.

  4. A status symbol for the politicos of Johnsburg financed on the backs
    of it’s taxpaying residents.

    At the rate that people are abandoning Illinois this would seem to be
    a very foolish undertaking for something that can be used for only
    part of the year, weather permitting.

  5. The loon in charge is none other than Al Jourdan flunkey and checkers sore-loser, Edwin Marion Hettermann, a name that we link to infamy up here in Spring Grove.

    Mayor Hetterman once said, and I kid you not, “I’m not a big crook at all. There are many crooks in Illinois.”

    Of course, I wonder if he considers himself a ‘small’ crook which, at least in his own mind, would make his ‘not a big crook’ statement true.

    He has a lot of stinking baggage, as one would expect a low-echelon Jourdan go-fer:

  6. Rio in Brazil built a beautiful course for the Olympics, now they actually call it the bankrupt disaster a ‘White Elephant’

    Just three months after the Olympics ended, Rio’s beautiful but controversial golf course is deserted.

    Another Olympic white elephant?

    We think so.

    Built specially for the Olympics on what had been a nature reserve next to the beach in western Rio, the links-style course was meant put Rio on the international golfing map.

    Instead, the $19 million facility created by US designer Gil Hanse risks turning into a white elephant.

    A payment dispute could even lead to the imminent exit of the company responsible for upkeep, raising questions over the course’s survival.

  7. Does anybody know what the actual golf course vote of these losers were?

    Maybe Hettermann didn’t vote for it …. or some other trustee(s) ….

    I just want to be sure and noit blame all for a majority of rotten apples.

  8. Red Tail was a well intentioned purchase that wound up a disaster for Lakewood residents who already had their choice of CLCC, Turnberry, Crystal Woods and many others.

    Turnberry, probably the best of them all, has failed.

    The golf industry is collapsing all over the US, but when you can spend other people’s money to buy your own golf course why not?

    Such a purchase should require a referendum.

  9. You lot are clueless.

    They have prevented the property being developed for a use that no one wanted.

  10. Jim you are wrong, regarding the purchase of the Lakewood Golf Course, later to become Red Tail.

  11. Since the golf course is now getting annexed into Johnsburg, What happens to the properties that are directly west/adjacent to the golf course along the river?

    They are currently in unincorporated Mchenry, so will they be annexed into Johnsburg too OR will they stay in Mchenry?

    If not, What is the process to get annexed into Johnsburg?

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