llinois Leaks Calls Out Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik on Claim that “Bob Miller Did Nothing That Was Illegal”

The following is re-published with permission of Illinois Leaks, where it appeared yesterday:

Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Miller Lukasik – “Bob Miller did nothing that was illegal” – Really?

Algonquin (ECWd) – According to the Facebook post of the Algonquin Township Clerk, the past Road Commissioner did nothing that was illegal.  

“Bob Miller did nothing that was illegal”

Reviewing credit card statements that have Bob Miller’s name on them, we found some matters that may lend to the Clerk re-thinking her public statement and should probably be forwarded to the police for a criminal investigation.

Karen Lukasik

We wrote about one charge in this article and the Clerk is now claiming  this was an APWA Conferance approved by the board.

Note to the clerk: board approval does not make an illegal purchase legal and to claim this was for a conferance raises serious questions, as in, “Says Who and With What Proof?”

What we wrote about was a ticket to the Disneyland park, not a purchase to APWA for a Conference!

To claim this was an APWA Conference expense flies in the face of all logic.

This Disneyland ticket purchase was not with APWA and had nothing to do with the conference as being implied.  In fact, APWA records prove this fact.

“On these pages, you’ll see just a few of Anaheim’s attractions you can visit before, during and after your Congress experience.” (APWA record pages 26-27)

“Why not combine business with pleasure and incorporate your Congress trip into your vacation plans?” (APWA record pages 26-27)

With APWA telling its attendees about attractions they can visit, and pointing to “your” vacation plans, which are not public purpose expenditures, it’s clear the Disneyland tickets are in no way a public purpose and not an expense that the taxpayers should have paid for.

This points to an illegal purchase by the former Road Commissioner as well as a complete failure of the board and Supervisor for approving and paying for this bill, and many others!

Back to the beginning!

Public funds, credit, and property shall only be used for public purpose.

That is in our constitution under Article VIII Section 1.

With that in mind, what public purpose was served by Bob Miller buying tickets to visit/vacation at Disneyland?

In regards to secret cameras at the Township reported on by the Northwest Herald, the Clerk said that it was “creepy” and “weird.”  

How creepy and weird is it that there is no mention of the Blink Cameras the past road commissioner purchased on the credit card?

Was the past road commissioner secretly recording on Township Property?

A $299.00 Blink purchase on the credit card would equate to multiple cameras being purchased.

Has the Clerk not found these cameras?

Who was being spied on during his tenure, and possibly still being recorded?

Or is this a case of cameras being purchased with Township credit for their own personal use at home?

Hopefully, these cameras were legitimate to monitor public property, which is neither creepy nor weird.

We ask the Clerk what was the public purpose for charges to Bob Millers Township Credit card for the purchase at Hooters of Brookfield Wisconsin for $288.92?

Or the Prana Living women’s clothing purchases for $190.19?

Did we mention the Levinger purchase for a woman’s handbag costing the taxpayers $384.52? 

If you’re looking for evidence that this was, in fact, a personal purchase and had no public purpose, just note the fact the taxpayers paid tax on this purchase.

Public bodies are tax exempt, thus this clearly was a personal purchase that not only cost the taxpayer’s sales tax, another $32.90 in shipping and handling!

It was purchased in November so would it be out of line to assume this was a Christmas Present?

If so, another piece of evidence it had no public purpose, which would make such a purchase a criminal act since it was done with public credit.

Although there is plenty more to expose as it relates to questionable spending, I think for now the point has been made that someone has some answering to do as it relates to the use of public credit for what clearly appears to be a private purpose.

Although many will continue to push back and claim there is nothing to see, rest assured we have come into the posession of some records that are going to refute pretty much any excuse defenders of bad actors can come up with!

Stay tuned for more exposure of improper spending in Algonquin Township that includes the actual records, not speculation!


llinois Leaks Calls Out Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik on Claim that “Bob Miller Did Nothing That Was Illegal” — 29 Comments

  1. Misuse of township funds for indirect spending versus mistaken use of township funds for spending are two different things.

    Business and government institutions alike struggle to effectively control off contract, indirect purchases.

    Often times, pcard programs are instituted to capture and control spend.

    In the instance of Miller, a township issued credit card was used, which lacks GL or Category curation capabilities compared to pcards.

    Summarily, the fact that the board was aware of the trip also leads this reader to believe Miller was acting above board, albeit the use of township funds for a Disney trip is politically troubling, criminal?


    Additionally, it’s been reported the bag was for work use and the price tag is regrettablly a dismal reminder of what happens when you don’t have a steward of taxpayer dollars acting frugally.

    What one could ultimately compare are the dollar amounts in the above purchase compared to the dollar amounts spent by current Commissioner Gasser’s legal fees.

    Miller is neither running for office nor electorally accountable to the taxpayers like Gasser and pursuing this story is akin to Trump calling for Hillary’s investigation whilst there is biblicly a board in his own his own eye.

  2. criminal is criminal, states attorneys offices have spent high amounts of $$$$ to prosecute cases, why not this case, criminal is criminal, feds got it now. tic toc

  3. Yeah, sure cleareyes, and common sense is common sense.

    Gasserbag is draining the treasury on a sour grapes witch hunt.

  4. There is no public purpose for Disney Tickets.

    The Illinois State Constitution contains the following sentence.

    “Public funds, property or credit shall be used only for public purposes.”

    That sentence is under:

    Article VIII Finance, Section 1 General Provisions, (a).

    Imagine that.

    Taxpayer money should only be used to benefit the public.

    Sometimes that does seem imaginary in Illinois.

  5. OR women’s leather totes,

    OR women’s clothing

    OR ….stay tuned, this is only the beginning and Edgar Co Watchdogs have had people prosecuted for less than this and those people did time.

  6. If the trustees haven’t already done so, I’d HIGHLY recommend switching to an accounting firm that specializes in auditing governmental entities.

    Eder, Casella comes to mind.

    In fact, they might want to bring someone in to perform a seperate internal control audit review to identify the gaps in internal controls/procedures and recommend new policies/procedures.

  7. I remember seeing or maybe even installing signs years ago letting everyone know that property is recorded. For good reason too I think.

    Bob is being bad mouthed.

    Y’all got Gasser like you wanted so enjoy 🙂

  8. Millers are being revealed for what they are. Anyone who refuses to denounce them are going down with them.

    Btw, thank you, Mr Stockwell for revealing that there are indeed cameras!

  9. Cameras all over the property for security.

    They apparently caught the Supervisor and patronage dude dumping files in the garbage.

    Also identify who was in and out of the buildings when other files went missing.

    The hard drive is now part of the lawsuits.

    [email protected] be interesting to hear what Team members were messing with the files.\

  10. scumbag miller/lee please refrain from showing your faces!!!!!!!!!

    we don’t want to see them around here.

  11. Amazon purchases with no back up…..

    Millers wife buying 1,000 of dollars on clothing bags shoes coats ect for herself humm

    Curious why bus driver nob robin mohr excuses this hmmmm

    Lean holiday’s

  12. Bring it all out Tam, if the axe falls so be it.

    I’ve moved on to events after the election.

  13. For those that defend Miller and chide Gasser, please tell me how much a public official can steal before you see it as a problem worthy of prosecution.

  14. In the long run…………nothing will happen.

    Your such fools, do you really think the Edgar County clowns will be listened To?

    Doubtful very very doubtful.

  15. To The Mrs. ,” ED the voice of reason???”

    You’re as demented as he is!

    I’m actually glad Millers and their complicit minions don’t realize how successful the Edgar County Watchdogs are.

    All the more to surprise them with!

    I’d rather spend to defend the innocent man, the defendant in this case than the crook who many complicit goons want to protect!

    It’s called Priorities, and Example.

  16. Well now, the Clerk is an ex-police chiefs wife isn’t she?

    If SHE doesn’t know what’s illegal or not, no one does! LOL

    She must think stealing isn’t illegal. Misappropriating govt. credit isn’t illegal.

    The look on her face says she doesn’t even believe her own BS.

    That declaration of hers will make watching this Miller/Lukasik/McCracken/etc etc ships sink, even more rewarding.

    And it definitely will sink, it’s just that justice takes time even when the FBI is involved.

    The Feds have a much different opinion than FRG’s ex police chiefs wife.

    I think they should definitely look into her husband’s dealings as FRG Police Chief, as well.

  17. Anyone who uses a credit card OWNED by a government body needs to be very careful!


    “Some of the charges obviously violated criminal laws. These included charges for multiple airline tickets to Las Vegas ($1,519), rental cars, parking fees, out -of-state fuel purchases ($17,502), lawn equipment ($4,269), child support (at least $2,000), car washes ($2,700), and purported bills from Hamilton’s construction company ($1,500). Other charges were harder to classify as illicit or legitimate. For example, Hamilton charged about $33,000 to the township card at Home Depot; on another occasion, he attended a conference in his supervisory role, but he inexplicably rented nine hotel rooms and two cars for his use there. Rather than trying to figure out the fraudulent component of these (and various other) charges, the government elected not to count them in the loss calculation, and thus bypassed the chance to show several hundred thousand dollars of additional loss. Once Hamilton “jumped on board” and agreed to plead guilty, the government opted to agree with him that the loss was $40,001, see U.S.S.G. § 2B1.1(b). “

  18. Couldn’t care less about this particular issue, but it’s local and I just made some popcorn.

    Something occurred to me in reading this, though….

    If Bob Miller was guilty of larceny for charging expenses to the township credit card which were clearly not legitimate, and this proves to be pattern and practice at the township, wouldn’t the clerk who paid the credit card bills and the trustees who approved the bill payments month after month be guilty of conspiracy to commit the larceny?

    Seems like you can’t charge one and not the other without becoming intellectually dishonest.

  19. I’m not ‘catching on’ as the same implies that I’m following the story for purposes of information. I’m not.

    Literally just read this post, and 2 seconds of logic lead to that supposition.

    But I’ll apply another 2 seconds of logic to step beyond your position (which I find legally simplistic) and state that self-preservation dictates that the apparatus at the township will provide a defense to Mr. Miller at the end of the day.

    If the ‘worm is squirming’, it’s likely that it will ‘squirm off the hook’ and live to see another day.

    I don’t think it’s a bold prediction to say that Mr. Miller will run the full gauntlet if necessary, and that expediency alone might result in a plea to some miscellaneous lesser charge that will be misdemeanor or below.

    Of course government at all levels will spend $1MM to get there.

    Not a great return on investment, but it keeps Mr. Gasser’s name in the headlines at no personal financial cost to him, so there’s that.

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