Message of the Day – A Flower — 8 Comments

  1. Veterans before refugees!

    Veterans before illegals,

    veterans before welfare collecting able-bodied people who refuse to work,

    Veterans before welfare queens and baby machines,

    Veterans before bloated union pay and pensions,

    Veterans before politicians’ Cadillac healthcare,

    veterans before scumbag Traitors like Bergdahl!

  2. God bless all nations, refugees, undocumented immigrants, and all minorities. Veterans went to war and many men and women died to protect the right of all free men and women to live in a society with dignity and respect, free of bigotry, hatred, and discrimination. Ooooops, sunshine constitutional scholars may see this differently. Oh, well…feliz dĂ­a del veterano! Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Well said, Angel.

    Bob, I think you forgot: Veterans before corporate welfare_ the biggest thief of all.

  4. Forgetting something Tom ?

    Without self-serving scumbag politicians there would be no corporate welfare,

    Illinois case in point.

    Yes, it does take two to tango.

  5. The poor, immigrants, imprisoned and needy are always #1, according to a Jewish carpenter…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. WWI: US Shouldn’t have been it!

    WWII: US Shouldn’t have been in it (not just ETO, shouldn’t have economically strangled Japan to provoke aggression, too)

    Korean War: Should’ve let MacArthur win it, beyond Yalu!

    Viet Nam: Shouldn’t have been it!

    IraqI: Shouldn’t have been it!

    Afghanistan: Shouldn’t have been it!

    IraqII: Shouldn’t have been it!

    Libya: Shouldn’t have been it!

    Yemen: Shouldn’t have been it!

    Niger/Mali/Somalia: Shouldn’t have been them!

    Syria: Shouldn’t have been it aiding ISIS in first place!

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