Formal Criminal Complaint Filed with McHenry County Sheriff Concerning Bob Miller’s Road District Expenditures

Another article on Algonquin Township’s immediate past Road Commissioner Bob Miller from Illinois Leaks.  It republished with permission.

(Does anyone but I find it interesting that the Edgar County Watchdogs can find this information and share it with the public, but the Northwest Herald and Daily Herald can’t?)

People – Why our local government is failing

Algonquin (ECWd) –


It starts at the top and few are worthy of ever being called leaders, as holding the position does not make you a leader.

Leaders follow the law; they are honest, motivators, problem solvers.

They are protectors of their community and its resources, as in tax dollars.

Note I said protector, not an abuser.

Although there are many other traits that make up a real leader, I think most would agree with those basic traits we listed.

Bob Miller

Former Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Robert Miller was elevated to a leadership position numerous times in his life.

He was the former President of the Township Officials of Illinois, served on the TOI Board of Directors for several years and then became a TOI officer, formerly serving Secretary, Treasurer, 2nd Vice President, and 1st Vice President.

He had also served a term as President of the Highway Commissioners Division, as well as the McHenry County Highway Commissioners and the Northern Illinois Highway Commissioners. (See TOI announcement at this link).

With all those titles many assume he is a leader.

Such an assumption is the first problem we have as citizens.

We fail to take the deep dive into facts to support our assumptions and sadly, we end up with what we have in this state because of that.

After the recent Northwest Herald article we found the Facebook post from the Algonquin Township Clerk as saying Robert Miller did not do anything illegal.

That caught our attention, so we wrote this article, then this one.

What did the Township Officials of Illinois praise Miller for?

“I want you to personally say “thank you” to Bob Miller for his untiring efforts to make a difference in keeping township government and keeping it strong!

Notice the praise had nothing to do with representing the people, being a good steward of tax dollars, better service etc.

No, instead it focused on keeping township government and keeping it strong.

Having been a past Township Supervisor it became clear to me; most Associations were not about doing what the people of Illinois needed but were more about keeping their organization alive and lobbying to expand it at every chance, which strengthens the association as they need as much government in place as possible.

What did a Background Paper for the Committee of 50 to Re-examine the Illinois Constitution have to say about Township Government? (See page 10) :

“Townships, in short, are no longer needed in most areas, yet it is unlikely that any action can be taken to eliminate them.

“Although one proposal was offered to the local government committee to eliminate townships in the 1970 Constitution, there was no significant support for such a proposal.

“Despite the fact that townships had been made more politically vulnerable by state legislation in 1969 by removing township supervisors from membership on the ·County board, there has been almost no reduction in the number of townships since 1967. (See Table 1)

“The absence of grassroots support for the elimination of townships, together with the resistance of township officials to the elimination of their positions, appears to assure the continued existence of this level of government for the foreseeable future, regardless of whether a new constitutional convention is held or not.”

Right about now we have an entire group screaming we are against Township Government based on posting the above information.

Sadly, they will miss the point we are going to make.

All units of government in Illinois are only effective if they have the proper leadership as well as accountability to the people and our laws.

Accountability comes from the people, ultimately, as they elect those who have the power to enforce our laws in the form of prosecutions.

When we fail to truly evaluate actions of those we elect and re-elect, we are the heart of the failed system.

Sadly we find our system has been turned upside down and the leadership is not coming from the grassroots, but instead from publicly funded Associations that claim to be all about educating our officials.

One need look no further than the Illinois Community College Trustees Association.

The former College of DuPage trustees spent hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars to become “educated” on their duties, and it proved to be a total waste of money.

With Federal and State Criminal investigations ongoing it’s clear the system of depending on Associations for leadership failed.

Looking at Robert Miller, former President of the Township Officials of Illinois Association and Highway Commissioner of Algonquin Township we can better understand why Township Government is in such a mess.

Bob Miller

Miller’s own statements as President of the TOI association sums up his focus, all while his behind the scenes actions point in an entire different direction.

“As a unified group we have pooled our intellectual resources to preserve and protect Illinois’ small local governments,” said Miller

“I share his ardent commitment to Township government and will do my best to provide strong and effective leadership.” . (Miller quotes from McHenry County Blog)

So Miller will do his best to provide strong and effective leadership?

  • Would that be from buying women’s clothing on the Township Credit card and claiming it was protective equipment?
  • Disneyland tickets that had NOTHING to do with a conference he attended?
  • Sirius XM radio subscriptions?
  • Hundreds of dollars in gift card purchases?
  • Regular charging of meals to the taxpayers from Taco Bell to Ruth Chris Steak House?
  • Making the taxpayers cover his meals for meetings with the Township Officials of Illinois?
  • Maybe leadership comes from buying Cardigan Sweaters?
  • Most certainly it comes from a $1,100 food fest at Kojacks in Cary, Illinois?
  • Or $188.43 food bill, as in Sunday Brunch?

Ignore the Hooters bill from Wisconsin as we all know that surely does not indicate a strong and effective leader. (Covered in this article)

Would anyone honestly call the actions listed above, all with taxpayer dollars, representative of strong and effective leadership?

While many of the Bob Miller supporters came rushing to bash us for our reporting on his spending, it once again showed the unwillingness or possibly the inability for people to properly evaluate facts placed right in front of their own eyes.

Their focus was to attack the new Highway Commissioner who had nothing to do with this spending.

A common problem we see all the time with elected officials and their supporters.


Justify bad acts of one by finding something wrong with another, and by all means, ignore the reality in front of their own eyes.

The matters we discovered were worthy of a formal criminal complaint that was filed today with the McHenry County Sheriff’s office.

We will post all the credit card expenditures and other records in a future article and we are confident, most people will realize real quick how little leadership could be found in Algonquin township during this spending spree.

I say little leadership because those responsible are not just the one doing the spending but those approving of it, as in the past Township Board.

Each and every yes vote on these expenditures points to total disregard for our laws, and proves once again the most basic form of government is only as good as those you elect.

In this example, Algonquin Township gets a big fat “F” for failure!


Formal Criminal Complaint Filed with McHenry County Sheriff Concerning Bob Miller’s Road District Expenditures — 24 Comments

  1. THIS is what Gasser thinks is going to make him nationally famous?!

    Delusions of grandeur, perhaps?

  2. How many of these tax-payer paid thefts occurred after the Boob lost?

    Why isn’t he charged now!!!

  3. Clean out all the crooks.

    Thank you, Andrew!

    Without you, none of this would see the light of day.

    Kirk Allen really nailed the Miller supporters for the nitwits they truly are.

    Thank you for speaking the truth, Mr. Allen.

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I hope they wipe that smirk off your face when they arrest you, you big fat crook.

  5. rumor has it Algonquin twp paid for driveways
    , and back patio concrete work on Ivanhoe lane , maybe the feds can figure it out

  6. This is getting good!!!!🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

    Hope it all comes out.

  7. Hope Bobby bought some soap on a rope with that township credit card.

  8. Keeping the Andrew Gasser Promises Kept Score Card:

    1. Refused pension

    2. Refused healthcare

    3. Stopped Nepotism (still awaiting adjudication)

    4. Cut Taxes (5 percent cut across all levies and not reported on by NWH)

    Seems like Gasser was right on this too.

    It is just a shame he is such an asshole.

    People want to support you Andrew but you have no balance.

    You are all on or all off.

    You have no tact and the truth is you piss off more people than you make happy.

    So congratulations on keeping your promises but no one cares. We all despise you for the arrogant prick you are. You are a one term wonder.

  9. His secretary is just as guilty they fed off each other’s soul mate BS

  10. I am in Springfield at the TOI event where Andrew Gasser was working the tables with some paperwork.

    He was in his pink sweatshirt and made some outrageous claims.

    He pointed many people to this blog and the Edgar County Watchdog website.

    I cannot believe what I am reading.

    Everyone is now aware of the situation in Algonquin Township and the Road District.

    It got pretty intense between two highway commissioners and Gasser.

    One started screaming at Gasser outside the banquet hall complaining about spending the township into bankruptcy.

    Gasser’s retort of not purchasing women’s clothing, tickets to Disneyland, and gift cards made everyone cringe.

    I am not sure if Gasser did any good for himself but no one can deny they do not know about the questionable spending that occurred.

    If the goal was to make friends he probably didn’t succeed.

    If the goal was to bring up issues at the township… well Mr. Gasser you succeeded.

    Remember, local government is the best government and just because people make mistakes doesn’t mean you end the form of government.

    My township would suffer without our township highway department.

    We have two trucks and a $100,000 dollar annual budget.

    You have spent that in legal fees.

    I urge you not to judge all townships and highway departments based on what you may have experienced.

    Like you said…

    Be Blessed

  11. The blog post has the following comment:

    “After the recent Northwest Herald article we found the Facebook post from the Algonquin Township Clerk as saying Robert Miller did not do anything illegal.”

    Which hyperlinks to this article:

    Northwest Herald

    Turmoil in Algonquin Township: Clerk Says Hidden Security Camera Was Installed to Spy on Her

    November 5, 2017

    by Ed Komenda


    That article has the following sentence:

    “For months, Karen Lukasik, a 52-year-old school teacher elected clerk in May, has been locked in a court battle with a man who works feet away from her in another office: Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser, who claimed in a June 1 court filing that the clerk was out to destroy records to cover up years of wrongdoing by Gasser’s predecessor.”


    Karen Lukasik is more accurately a substitute school teacher.

    She has a substitute teaching license listed on the Illinois State Board of Education’s Educator Licensure Information System (ISBE ELIS).

    There is no record on that website that she has or had a Professional Educator License or its predecessor to be a full time certified teacher in Illinois.


    Here is her recent salary record per the Open the Books Widget:

    Cary Elementary District 26 – 2016 – $4,500

    Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 – 2016 – $3,332

    Fox River Grove Elementary District 3 – 2016 – $591

    Cary Elementary District 26 – 2015 – $4,590

    Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 – 2015 – $2,009

    Crystal Lake / Cary / Fox River Grove High School District 155 – 2015 – $736

    Cary Elementary District 26 – 2014 – $5,801


    Is Karen Lukasik related to Bob Miller?

  12. Really, Thewhole? What is with the middle name, then? Looks completely suspicious. Why has that name never come up before you found that post?

  13. The Lorax:

    You acknowledge that Gasser has done what he promised and has been effective in exposing the BS that occurred during multiple generations of Millers, but are dismayed that he doesn’t display a level of tact for your comfort level and is pissing people off along the way?

    Seems to me he’s actually draining a swamp…

  14. Bobby Miller has already started asking people for support in ’21 for comeback.

    It’s the Algonquin hybrid version of Ground Hog Day and Freddy Kruger in Friday the 13th, XXVII.

  15. In response to 16 Year Supervisor’s claims:

    I, too, am at the conference here in Springfield, and attended the banquet.

    Not only was Andrew Gasser a few feet away from me entering the banquet, but leaving as well.

    There was no screaming or yelling at all.

    He ate at a table adjacent to mine and then visited my table after dinner, then we all left when the event ended.

    I don’t know what you have to gain by making such sensational claims, but you know as well as I do–it didn’t happen.

    Even the more intense conversations I’ve watched during the entire conference have all ended with a handshake and a goodbye.

    That said, I haven’t been with the Highway Commissioner for every minute of the event, so perhaps you are mixing up two different occasions?

    I will say this however: the cringing part was probably true, but was more directed toward the former Highway Commissioner and all the new revelations.

  16. McHenry County Township Highway Commissioners Association endorses candidates for the 2016 Republican Primary election?

    Endorsed candidate for McHenry County Board District 1 is wife of the President of McHenry County Township Highway Commissioners Association?


    On Sunday March 6, 2016, the blog reported that on Friday March 4, 2016, the Northwest Herald ran an ad from the McHenry County Township Highway Commissioners Association listing Republican candidates in the 2016 primary election.

    The only candidate listed in the ad for County Board District 1 was reportedly Anna May Miller (Bob Miller’s wife; she was not re-elected).

    The other Republican candidates for County Board District 1 in that primary election were Tom Wilbeck, Yvonne Barnes, and Terence Ferenc.

    Tom Wilbeck and Yvonne Barnes were the winning candidates.

    At the time, the blog reported Bob Miller was President of the McHenry County Township Highway Commissioners Association.


    McHenry County Blog

    Township Highway Commissioners Recommend County Board, Countywide Candidates

    March 6, 2016

    “For the McHenry County Board

    District 1 – Anna May Miller.”


    Prior to that post, a February 9, 2016 blog post stated, “The McHenry County Township Highway Commissioners Association, Robert J. Miller, President, sent a letter to County Board members asking questions and containing a “Pledge of Local Government Support.”

    The survey results were used endorse candidates for political office?


    McHenry County Blog

    Pledging Allegiance to Township Government & Using Public Office for Political Purposes

    February 9, 2016


    The little public information about the McHenry County Township Highway Commissioners Association includes this Facebook page.


    McHenry County Township Highway Commissioners Association


    The Township Officials of Illinois (TOI) association has a division for Highway Commissioners.

    Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois, a division of Township Officials of Illinois (TOI)


    History of McHenry County Election Results (Canvass Reports)


    The March 20, 2012 Republican Primary election results for County Board District 1 indicated a close race.

    Robert Nowak and Anna May Miller were elected.

    Candidate – Votes – Percentage

    Robert Nowak – 3,669 – 26.18%

    Anna May Miller – 3,596 – 25.66%

    Yvonne Barnes – 3,455 – 24.65%

    Robert Bless – 3,294 – 23.51%


    Anna May Miller and Bob Miller share a political action committee (PAC).


    Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE)

    PAC Name: Citizens to Re-Elect Bob Miller

    PAC Purpose: Elect Roberts J Miller, Algonquin Twp Highway Commissioner & Anna May Miller, McHenry County Board member, and to elect other good Republican candidates to office.”

    PAC Committee ID: 9413

    Anna May Miller’s election history on the SBE website is here:


    Anna May Miller also appeared as a Candidate for County Board District 1 supported by the McHenry County Chairman’s Circle (MCCC) political action committee (PAC) on the State Board of Elections (SBE) website.

    PAC Name: McHenry County Chairman’s Circle (MCCC)

    PAC Purpose: To support and advance the interests of the ?? of the McHenry County Central Committee.

    The MCCC PAC was closed July 9, 2015

    The chairman of the MCCC PAC was Michael Tryon.

    The Treasurer of the MCCC PAC was Ken Koehler.

    The previous Vice-Chairman of the MCCC PAC is Blake Hobson (resigned 9/24/2010).

    The MCCC PAC Committee ID was 21261.

  17. When less than 10% of the electorate come and vote in local elections, you know the elections that have a direct impact on our property taxes, thi is what happens.

    Rampant abuse and it is not just Algonquin, there are plenty of townships that operate outside their scope but no one is paying attention.

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