Andrew Gasser’s Answers to Bob Miller’s Questions – Part 4

Here is Andrew Gasser’s attorney Robert Hanlon’s answer to Bob Miller’s attorney Tom Gooch’s question as to why certain Algonquin Township Officials should be deposed in the case:

Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik is similarly listed.

“Karen Lukasik will likely have testimony relevant to the allegations of the complaint, the maintenance of the records and is represented by counsel in this case.

“Investigation contniues.”


Andrew Gasser’s Answers to Bob Miller’s Questions – Part 4 — 18 Comments

  1. LOCAL
    McHenry County Board wants school districts to reduce property tax levies by 10 percent

  2. Well Andrew Gasser reduced Algonquin Highway by 5%.

    But without Anna may on the payroll it will be easier that the school district

  3. Unfortunately gassed got beat today, Miller’s motion was WON there will be no further discovery allowed until Miller’s motion to dismiss and then probably never.

    What many of you have to look forward to down the road?

    Cal Skinner is suedcand made to turn over your email addresses and your IP addresses.

    Then a whole bunch of you get sued for the stuff you have written on the blog.

    Then the Miller’s get even more money……….from you


  4. I can assure you miller did not win, there is no winning for him, and as far as Melissa goes she will never win her seat back.

  5. If a both a local Grand Jury and the Feds are looking at this stuff, it really doesn’t matter whether or not Gasser gets any more discovery.

  6. I heard the clerk suffered a humiliating defeat today and turned on the water works something fierce in the courtroom.

  7. I’m waiting for the federal criminal indictments of the crooked Miller clan.

    All of the above legal maneuverings are mere prologue to a tragic little local story about an official’s and his avaricious family’s greed, cupidity and stupidity.

  8. The humiliating defeat was when the clerk wanted the supervisor to go to jail for having a camera in a record room.

    The judge wasnt buying it and so she started crying at the court house.

    i still dont understand why they wouldnt have a camera there or why she would waste money trying to fight it.

    Smells fishy.

  9. Chuck took the 5th when questioned about the camera.

    Ryan P. stayed at work instead of appearing at court?

    Perhaps the Clerk is frustrated with the length of time and $$$$ this is all costing.

  10. The clerk was crying???

    Maybe the pressure of carrying the water for Uncle Bibby is finally getting to his merry men???

    Maybe the camera in the records room caught her doing Uncle Bibby’s bidding???

    Maybe she is coming to realize that the end is near and the end is only the beginning of a long time in a small cell???

    Lots of maybes… Maybe we will know soon???

  11. Nice try Nob.

    Don’t even try to convey that she’s concerned with the cost of anything.

    She’s a Bob Miller supporter-that says it all!

  12. Sitbd, her often repeated words, it’s like a real to real that has auto rewind.

    What about Chuck taking the 5th and Ryan hiding?

  13. Nob/Robin- Ryan didn’t hide.

    Karen’s attorney failed to secure his testimony using the proper procedure.

    Boo hoo!

    I heard that when asked for his argument as to why he should prevail McArdle said “no argument!”

    Really, how sad is that!

    Where is Melissa Victor complaining about his bill?

  14. Ryan is just a pawn anyway, no lose.

    Ask her, you know what I know.

    What about Chuck?

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