708 Mental Health Board Grants $10,072,506

From the McHenry County Mental Health Board about the $10,072,506 in grants for the coming year:

The McHenry County Mental Health Board (MHB) is a special purpose unit of government regulated through the Community Mental Health Act. The Community Mental Health Act authorizes the levy of an annual tax and empowers the MHB to administer the levy through the direction of a nine-member board of community representatives appointed by the County Board.

For CFY 18, $10,072,506.00 in local community mental health funds are allocated directly to 31 agencies in order to provide prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for McHenry County residents living with mental health, substance use, and intellectual and developmental disability related needs.

Twenty Second Judicial Circuit Court $194,460


The Twenty Second Judicial Circuit Special Courts Programs assist adults with mental illness, substance abuse/dependence, and co-occurring disorders who are involved in the criminal justice system.

  • Specialty Courts Programs services are provided with an interdisciplinary team approach including circuit judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, law enforcement officer, probation officers and treatment professionals. Services include comprehensive behavioral health and physical health assessments, service plan development, engagement and support, consultation and compliance monitoring.

Association for Individual Development (AID) $582,931


Association for Individual Development (AID) provides services to individuals who have developmental, physical and/or mental disabilities, those who have suffered a trauma, or those at risk.

  • Psychiatric and Tele-Health Services has expanded in McHenry County to include psychiatric nursing (two days a week to integrate primary and behavioral healthcare), transcription/scheduling (5 days a week to document nursing visits, coordinate client appointments and serve as a liaison for tele-health/psychiatry), on‐site and remote tele‐psychiatry (two days a week), and psychotropic medication services to McHenry County residents with mental/behavioral health challenges.

  • Behavioral Health Supported Living Services program offers intense, customized coordination services focused on homeless prevention, treatment, support and recovery; providing integrated primary and behavioral healthcare, psychiatric services, and permanent supportive housing services to at-risk McHenry residents with mental health and behavioral health challenges.

  • Law Enforcement Coordinator will provide care coordination services to McHenry County residents who are law enforcement identified individuals who are believed to be at risk for future police intervention and/or in need of behavioral health intervention.

  • Behavioral Health Bilingual and Outpatient Services case managers and therapists provide services designed to promote recovery and prevent psychiatric hospitalization, institutionalization, incarceration and homelessness for individuals with serious mental illness in McHenry County. AID will continue to enhance and expand BHOP services in McHenry by further developing bilingual therapy and community support services for the purpose of reaching underserved Spanish‐only speaking individuals living in McHenry County.

    Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Center, Inc. $467,500


    Aunt Martha’s is one of the state’s largest Federally Qualified Health Centers. Behavioral health services include adult, child, and adolescent psychiatry and therapy, individual counseling, and comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment.

    • Psychiatric Services Aunt Martha’s has expanded our model of integrated care by bringing behavioral health (BH) services into the primary care clinic setting by offering routine mental health screening and access to treatment to: promote early detection and improved management of treatment; reduce the stigma of treating mental health disorders and offer convenience to patients; promote adherence and strengthen monitoring of the treatment plan; and, build on the existing, ongoing PCP and patient relationship.

    Centegra Hospital – Woodstock $1,460,859


    Centegra Specialty Hospital, Woodstock is the primary service location for Behavioral Health Services for Centegra Health System. The Behavioral Health Service line provides acute care for adults (18 and older) with Mental Health and or Substance dependence problems.

    • Behavioral Health Access and Crisis Services MHB and CHS’s continued partnership focuses on supporting an array of crisis stabilization services. Through this partnership, the MHB is ensuring community access to a community behavioral health crisis line, crisis assessments, crisis intervention, linkage/referral/care collaboration, Behavioral Health informed emergency care, short-term crisis stabilization, A Way Out, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD), post care community care and recovery navigation, and the establishment of a CHW site-based community behavioral health non-emergency access point.

    • Substance Abuse Nurse Educator & Community Liaison works with the Substance Abuse Coalition and CHS medical team to enhance prevention and treatment practices related to substance use disorders, with a focus on alcohol detoxification and opioid dependence. On a community level, this role focuses on ensuring Centegra can provide the resources necessary support and co-facilitate key community partnership initiatives. Specifically, this role will take a formal lead in implementing the Naloxone law enforcement program and partner with the substance abuse coalition to promote other prevention based initiatives.

    Clearbrook $251,040


    Clearbrook provides services, programs and support for children and adults with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other intellectual/developmental disabilities as well as their families.

    • CHOICE Program is innovative in offering participants “choices” in the areas of employment, volunteering, leisure activities and socializing in settings that utilize natural supports in the community and through community partnerships. Families/participants also have a “choice” to participate in the program on a full or part time basis. The CHOICE program model includes a specifically developed personal exploration tool (PEP). As each participant enters the program they “discover” their interests and document them via the PEP. This is the foundation for the program’s person centered model of service design and delivery.

    Community Health Partnership of Illinois $36,188


    Community Health Partnership of Illinois provides comprehensive, integrated primary health care services targeting underserved, predominantly Latino rural populations, including migrant and seasonal farmworkers and families throughout northern and central Illinois.

    • Breaking the Stigma: Mental Health for Our Community is an integrated, prevention-oriented behavioral health program targeting the Latino population in the Harvard Area Community Health Center service area. It will provide Spanish outreach therapy, community mental health outreach and education as well as care coordination and referrals for clients in need of medical, substance abuse and psychiatric services.

    Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northern Illinois, Inc. $35,000


    CCCS serves anyone in need of financial, credit or housing assistance. Services include: credit and debt counseling and education, Debt Management Programs which pay off unsecured debt at reduced interest and fees; Credit Report analysis; Bankruptcy counseling and education; housing counseling services.

    • Financial Counseling & Debt Management provides basic budget counseling, debt management programs to expunge unsecured debt, bankruptcy counseling and education and mortgage default and foreclosure prevention counseling. Clients are also counseled on the means to improve their credit. CCCS also provides pre-purchase and pre-rental counseling for homeless families.

    Epilepsy Foundation of North Central Illinois, Iowa & Nebraska $591,353


    The Epilepsy Foundation is a voluntary health agency dedicated to the welfare of people with epilepsy and their families. The organization works to ensure that people with seizures are able to participate in all life experiences; to improve how people with epilepsy are perceived, accepted and valued in society; and to promote research for a cure.

    • Epilepsy Services provide a unique care delivery model which uses intensive case management, mobile health (telemedicine) as well as direct epileptologist visits to improve access to sub-specialty care for patients living in McHenry County with epilepsy and/or brain injury.

    • Brain Injury Health Management services provide case management, employment services, educational supports, peer and family support groups, skills groups, psychiatric support services, brain injury clinic and Telemedicine services to children and adults who sustain an acquired brain injury.

    • Telepsychiatry Program includes community-based family-centered population health management using local case managers, an on-site nurse and telemedicine by an epilepsy sub-specialist. Mental health services include therapeutic treatment of children and adults with chronic uncontrolled epilepsy, brain injury and associated mental health co-morbidities. Services are available at the patient’s home, school, emergency department, rehab facility or the Crystal Lake office.

    Family Alliance, Inc. $264,808


    For over 30 years, Family Alliance, Inc. has been at the forefront of senior care in McHenry County. Its professional staff and Board of Directors remain focused on the agency’s mission to provide adults, caregivers and families with programs and services promoting an enhanced quality of life.

    • Group Fee for Service The intent of this service is to provide preventative support groups, counseling and education for caregivers and program participants at risk of clinical depressions, anxiety, and higher physical health needs by arming them with specific tools and resources for healthy habits.

    • Psychiatric & Recovery Services accommodate behavioral health disorder needs that are not part of the normal aging process of older adults and to provide accurate diagnosis that will lead to appropriate interventions and successful outcomes.

    Family Health Partnership Clinic $76,000


    The Family Health Partnership Clinic provides health care to those in our community who do not have health insurance of any kind. The Clinic has an integrated mental health component and provides brief therapy for patients who are facing mental health issues as well as physical health problems.

    • Therapist treats individuals in need of behavioral health services and service delivery with appropriate mental health assessments, treatment plans along with short term mental health treatment. Services are conducted by a Spanish bilingual therapist who works closely with the physical health providers and nurses to help identify patients in need of behavioral health services.

    • Patient Navigator Program links individuals in need of behavioral health and other critically needed services with the provider organization that can provide appropriate assessment and service delivery as indicated.

    Garden Quarter Neighborhood Resource Center $112,037


    GQNRC provides an after-school program 4-5 days per week during the school year and 3-4 days per week during summer.

    • Youth Prevention Program provides adult-supervised, preventative programming after school, when youth are highly likely to engage in risk-taking behaviors and/or experience isolation. It is designed to expand the range of choices and opportunities that enable, empower and encourage youth to achieve positive growth and development, improve expectations and capacities for future success, and avoid and/or reduce risk-taking behavior.

    • Parent Prevention Program educates and empowers adults in McHenry County by increasing their involvement in the children’s activities, improving their knowledge of and ability to access community resources and supporting them in navigating the complex systems of mental health, substance abuse, education and other community institutions.

    • Bilingual Bicultural Service Navigation Program The Spanish-speaking Bilingual Service Navigator is on-site every weekday to provide one-on-one or family support, by providing referrals and linkages to other agencies, facilitating communication between mental health, substance abuse, education and other community institutions, and assisting families in navigating the aforementioned institutions, including providing assistance with in-take application and providing linguistic and cultural interpretation of documents and services.

Greater Elgin Family Care Center (McHenry Community Health Center) $453,694


GEFCC is a private, non-profit, Joint Commission accredited, Primary Care Medical Home-certified Federally Qualified Health Center.

  • Behavioral Health Integration uses screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment. The program model is team-based with full integration between primary and behavioral health care including shared patient scheduling, shared treatment planning, shared service provision and shared record keeping.

  • Psychiatry services for patients age 13 years and older include psychiatric evaluations, medication education and medication monitoring.

Harvard Community Senior Center $98,920


The Harvard Community Senior Center serves seniors in and around Harvard by providing life-enriching services, programs, and social activities.

  • PEARLS Program – Depression in the Elderly includes active screening for depression, using a trained depression care manager, a team approach, stepped care, and built-in follow-up. A depression care manager (Pearls Counselor) delivers brief, evidence-based interventions over 19 weeks – in the senior’s home or other comfort setting – and provides education and self-management support. The program is participant-driven and uses proactive outcome measurement & tracking.

Home of the Sparrow, Inc.. $228,000


Home of the Sparrow provides homeless women and children who have a mental health diagnosis as listed in the DSM-V or ICD-10, who are at risk of developing such a diagnosis, or who are displaying situational mental health symptoms pursuant to the trauma of homelessness through mental health counseling, case management, and mental health crisis intervention.

  • Counseling & Case Management provides the client with professional counseling to evaluate the clients’ mental health and functioning capabilities and facilitation of connections with community resources and specialized services.

Horizons Behavioral Health Professional Services, LLC $120,000


Horizons is an outpatient behavioral health facility, serving McHenry County residents of all ages with a diagnosis of mental illness. Services include psychiatric diagnostic evaluations along with medication management and therapeutic injections, psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, and psychological testing.

  • Psychiatric Residency Program provides psychiatric services to patients in McHenry County by psychiatric residents.

Live 4 Lali, Inc. $120,000

Live4Lali works to prevent and raise awareness of substance use among individuals, families and communities, and minimize the overall health, legal and social harms associated with substance use. 

The McHenry County Opioid Overdose Prevention Program (OOPP) is an outreach-based model offering opioid overdose prevention services to laypersons who might witness an overdose, including 


persons who use drugs, their families and friends, service providers, schools, and other agencies working with the public. The training will educate participants on overdose risk awareness, information about the 911 Overdose Good Samaritan Law and other pertinent legal information, signs and symptoms of opioid misuse, dependency or addiction, the effects of opioids in the body, overdose emergency management, and naloxone administration.

Mathers Community Mental Health Center, LLC $90,000


Mathers’ sole priority is towards the emotional well-being of the individual: adults, children, adolescents, couples and families counseled. Professionals include: Psychiatrists, PhD/PsyD, LCSW, LCPC, and LMFT.

  • Psych Express provides comprehensive psychiatric care on an urgent basis. Clients receive an assessment by a qualified mental health professional and then see a psychiatrist or a psychiatric nurse practioner for additional treatment, which may include medication monitoring or a higher level of treatment, with a goal of same-day or next-day treatment.

Mathers Recovery, LLC $37,500


We treat everyone with respect and dignity. Mathers Recovery offers the best recovery program for long term results, through evidence based clinical practices, client centered education, research and peer support.

  • Medically Managed Opiate Recovery Program services are designed to support recovery, health and well-being of the person served, enhance their quality of life; reduce symptoms and build resilience; restore and / or improve functioning and support the person’s served integration within the community

McHenry County Department of Health $18,221


The McHenry County Department of Health is comprised of Divisions that assist the residents of McHenry County in many diverse ways. The Nursing Division provides services to the community through screenings, clinics, home visits and education.

  • Early Identification & Intervention provides services that screen for early developmental and social/emotional delays, seeks intervention to provide services to children, and provides follow-up to assure delivery of the needed services.

McHenry County Sheriff’s Office $75,104


The essential purpose of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office is to provide service and protection to the citizens of McHenry County.

  • Social Services Case Manger acts as a liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and community, municipality, township and state social service agencies. Provides referrals to social and mental health agencies, emergency shelter, etc. and provides support to staff in crisis situations.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) McHenry County $232,030


NAMI-McHenry County is an affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, providing services through education, training, support and advocacy events and activities.

  • Recovery Support Services provide evidence-based educational classes and training that informs and equips families, community members and professionals with the knowledge to understand the different brain and mood disorders, identify the signs and symptoms of a mental health condition, and how to provide healthy support and safe intervention.

New Directions Addiction Recovery Services $279,000


New Directions is focused on providing a network of service that address substance abuse in the community. The organization’s focus is on three areas: advocacy, treatment, and continued support.

  • Sober Living Case Management offers individuals a safe, structured environment to attain the necessary “life skills” to remain drug and alcohol free.

  • New Directions Sober Living New Location Clients would transition from substance abuse treatment into the sober living program. A structured sober living environment can be an essential “next step” for individuals attempting to abstain from substance abuse.

Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association (NISRA) $59,950


The purpose of NISRA is to provide year round special recreation programs that meet the social, cognitive, physical and emotional needs of people with disabilities so that they may participate actively in their community in the least restrictive setting.

  • SASS Therapeutic Intervention includes individual and family assessment, leisure education, and a wide array of community based group activities and interventions.

  • McHenry County Adult Program (McCAP) includes leisure education and a wide array of normalizing community based group activities and interventions.

  • Day Treatment includes individual and family assessment of cognitive, social and motor skill abilities, leisure education, and a wide array of normalizing community based group activities and interventions.

  • Veteran Service Members Expressive Arts Program will provide creative arts programming for veterans in need of assistance with dealing with addictions, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other behavioral health issues. The overall goal of the program is to promote positive use of leisure time and to help veterans integrate traumatic aspects of their military experience into an art form that inspires and motivates continued healing.

Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault (Northwest CASA) $22,000


For more than 30 years, Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault (Northwest CASA) has been a full service agency that provides free services to sexual assault survivors and their loved ones within McHenry County.

  • Sexual Assault Intervention Program consists of medical advocacy for a sexual assault victim who seeks emergency room medical care in a McHenry County hospital, criminal justice advocacy, court accompaniment of victims to any criminal justice proceeding in McHenry County, telephone crisis intervention if called upon by the McHenry County Crisis Line, individual family and couple counseling for victims of any age and their significant others.

Options & Advocacy $328,194


Options & Advocacy for McHenry County is a not for profit independent DD service coordination agency, providing a doorway to services for any McHenry County resident who has a lifelong intellectual or developmental disability.

  • Bilingual Liaison offers all of the services that Options & Advocacy provides to the Spanish speaking community.

  • Community Advocacy Program services and supports provided include service coordination and navigation, educational advocacy, linkage and referral to local and regional supports, family support and education. The Community Advocacy Program seeks to expand beyond serving children and adults with an IDD diagnosis to those with AD/HD, mental health challenges and other related issues.

  • Autism Support Program provides supports to individuals who have or are suspected to have an autism diagnosis, and their families.

Pioneer Center for Human Services $1,348,047


Pioneer Center for Human Services provides Intellectual & Developmental Disability Services, Community Based Services, and McHenry County PADS—Homeless Services, helping to empower individuals to achieve their full potential.

  • MI Residential Group Home provides comprehensive care to those struggling with behavioral health concerns. Types of services available include comprehensive evaluation and assessment, treatment planning, case management, community support, medication monitoring, medication training, client centered consultation and coordination of services.

  • PADS Recovery Specialist will meet with people accessing the day center programs. Through the outreach and engagement of this position people receiving service will improve in functioning, increase likelihood of obtaining housing, self‐report improved wellness and be more likely to create WRAP plan. This position will help ensure that people with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues that access PADS Day Center programs will have linkage to services to assist them in their recovery.

  • Respite Services facilitates a voucher based reimbursement system that allows families to access both in home care and/or external activities. An individual contract is established between the agency and each guardian/family member.

  • Client and Family Services (CFS) programming offers the clients training in all life skills areas to promote and/or maintain the highest level of independence.

  • Community Employment Services (CES) is a specialized program that matches the community’s employment needs with individuals that have dynamic strengths and talents.

  • IDD Community Inclusion and Transportation provides transportation to Pioneer Center to day programs for individuals living in group homes. The staff driving will also provide transportation to community based activities, educational opportunities and volunteering opportunities within McHenry County.

  • Transition Coordinator (Bilingual) will attend, or facilitate the appropriate program staffs attendance, at as many IEP’s as they are invited and able to attend. The initial service offered will be consultation to individuals and families and assistance to attain funding for the appropriate services.

  • Autism Day Program focuses on individualized service planning, skill development, education, socialization, community inclusion, therapy/sensory supports and volunteer opportunities.

  • IDD Wellness Nurse key areas include exercise, nutrition, and monitoring of health related stats such as weight and blood pressure. The Wellness R.N will also assist with day program medication and treatment administration that any day program participant require to be able to attend our services.

  • Warrant of Need provides individuals with skills training, workplace skills, socialization opportunities, recreation opportunities, classroom activities, leisure time skills and activities in the community.

  • Entitlement/Benefit Specialist provides clients not receiving benefits/entitlements assistance with completing the application process. Regular contact is maintained until benefits are established and then monitoring and support is provided as needed to maintain awarded benefits.

  • Before and Aftercare provides supervision for individuals who attend the day program during times that DHS waivers do not support. During the times of these programs, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in education, social and wellness activities, or choose to relax independently in the lounge
  • Me Program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who have a high level of independence, but still need support in the community. Program design focuses on developing individuals as a whole, providing opportunities for social, intellectual and physical development while maintaining a focus on social connectedness and growth.

Rosecrance, Inc. $1,075,344


Rosecrance is a private not-for-profit organization offering behavioral health services for children, adolescents, adults and families throughout the country.

  • Substance Abuse Services purpose is to stop the alcohol and/or drug use disorder and to return the individual to productive functioning in the family, workplace, school and community.

  • Mental Health Services provides accessible, coordinated and evidence-based/best practice mental health treatment and crisis intervention to resident of McHenry County, based on system of care principles and through an array of services designed to achieve effective outcomes supporting a recovery based model.

  • Psychiatric to provide psychiatric intervention to children/adolescents/adults by the way of psychiatric diagnostic, medication monitoring, medication management, and medication education and ensuring medication availability for medically indigent.

  • Recovery Home provides stable housing for those in recovery from substance dependence who need further services to enhance their recovery process.

  • MI/SA Harvard Student Assistance Program (SAP) In partnership with the school system the Student Assistance Program will provide an initial screening for both mental health and substance use issues. Once the screening is complete the student will be referred to the appropriate level of care and staff will work with the families to access those services.

  • SAP Substance Abuse, McHenry County In partnership with the school system we will provide an initial screening for both Mental Health and Substance Abuse issues. Students will be referred by school personal that have been identified as needing an assessment for substance abuse. Once the screening is complete the student will be referred to the appropriate level of care and staff will work with the families to access those services.

  • Mental Health Student Assistance Counselors

  • Project Success provides comprehensive assessment, linkage and referral to community services as a prevention strategy for youth and their families across McHenry County.

  • Wraparound is designed to wrap community services around children with serious emotional/behavioral challenges and their families and to help the youth build on strengths to develop new skills and healthy resiliency.

  • Child and Adolescent Coordinator supervises all of our child and adolescent services and makes sure that we are connected to community partners.

  • Patient Account Representative does all the front end collection of insurance information for all of our Mental Health programs. The position makes sure that the clients are eligible for services from an insurance perspective.

Special Education District of McHenry County (SEDOM) $11,814


The Special Education District of McHenry County (SEDOM) is a special education cooperative serving 18 member school districts in McHenry County. The purpose of the cooperative is to support member districts in the provision of special education programs, supports and services for students whose unique educational needs cannot be met within local programming.

  • Transitional Youth Program (TAP) prepares youth and young adults with emotional and mental health issues to move into adult roles through an individualized process, engaging them in their own futures planning process as well as providing developmentally appropriate services and supports.

Thresholds $582,915


Thresholds serves McHenry County adults age 18 and over who have a DSM-V-TR or ICD-10 diagnosis of a severe mental illness and require psychiatric, community support (Individual, Team and/or Group), and/or supervised housing services.

  • Non-Medicaid Community Support Services offer support for members in their homes or in the community, and are adapted to meet the unique recovery goals and needs of our members. These services aid members in maintaining stability psychiatric symptoms between psychiatry appointments and other, more traditional treatment interventions.

  • Non-Rule 132 Representative Payee Services assists members in sustaining their independent functioning in the community. This fiduciary responsibility assures that each member’s basic needs, including housing, food, mediation, transportation and phone service, are met using their SSI or SSDI benefits.

  • Housing Specialist works with other providers to identify homeless individuals with mental illness and facilitates their transition in one of three Permanent Supportive Housing programs. Relationships are also developed with the Mchenry Housing Authority, landlords and property managers to expand the inventory of available affordable housing for County residents with mental illness who would otherwise have difficulty finding and maintaining stable housing.

  • Homeless Outreach Flex Funds provides basic needs and so engage the homeless in services. These funds will facilitate social interactions between the Outreach workers and the homeless individuals they are seeking to engage.

  • Nurse assures that the integrative health needs of members are adequately addressed, through advocating with Medicaid and/or the member’s MCO to obtain prior authorization of medications, receive approval for medications, track all prescriptions and assure that staff comply with policies and procedures related to handling medication.

  • Housing First Demonstration Project The goal of this project is to identify, engage and ultimately house individuals who meet the HUD criteria for Chronic Homelessness.

Transitional Living Services, Inc. dba TLS Veterans $219,597


TLS works to guide homeless veterans back into the community as productive members; engages military families as they face emotional challenges of deployment and reintegration; and challenges residents in our community to support veterans, the troops and military families.

  • Recovery Support and Treatment, New Horizons ensure that clinical services in the form of recovery support are provided to the formerly homeless veterans going through the transitional living program, New Horizons. These services are provided while the veterans reside in the program as well as after discharge if they choose the ongoing support.

  • Recovery Support and Treatment, Peer Support Group is comprised of three veterans who are certified as peer support specialists, who manage the drop-in resource center at the agency. They receive phone calls and drop-in visits from veterans and/or veteran family members who need mental health support for any reason.

  • Recovery Support and Treatment, PTSD Group each session focuses on the use of the techniques as well as corresponding life domain information and strategies to decrease overall stress and increase ability to cope.

  • Accreditation Costs (New Horizons / Peer Support Group) accreditation strengthens service delivery and integrity by keeping a set of standards as a reminder and measure.

Turning Point, Inc. $600,000


Incorporated May 20, 1981, Turning Point is the only comprehensive domestic violence crisis intervention agency and a secure shelter in McHenry County, and the only McHenry County member agency of the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

  • C/V Advocate services include: crisis intervention and stabilization, secure emergency shelter, legal and non-legal advocacy, individual and group counseling, support groups and referral services.

  • Trauma Based Services emphasize child safety, client-driven counseling sessions, safety planning skills, encouragement, providing options, helping children respect the authority of the parent survivor, building on strengths of the child/parent survivor, cultural competency and respect, education regarding types of abuse, and holding perpetrators accountable for abuse.

  • Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) provides education to adults who are abusive or are at risk of abusing their partners or family members. Practices in the Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) are adapted from the Duluth Model, the best available research in the field. The program provides education that gives abusers an opportunity to change their behavior and make non-violent choices which improves health and safety in the lives of their partners, family members and community.


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  1. Sunshine blogger, this is where you may finally get some help. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Why would McHenry County taxpayers contribute property tax dollars to Rosecrance?

    What are specific benefits received here for that $1 million

    Lol at charity navigator for the feeder funds of Rosecrance, Google aspen counseling and consulting plc, Phil Eaton, look at indeed job reviews.

  3. Talk about an opportunity for agency / government consolidation!!!

    Each one of these groups have their own well paid management / admin structure.

    I want a referendum to eliminate the 708 Board.

  4. Not only is there tremendous waste and overlay but most of these services are not available to you if you have private insurance. The complaints about Pioneer center and others. The original idea behind this 708 board has morphed into an agency that does not really serve the residents or taxpayers but instead has become an agency employer.

  5. **Why would McHenry County taxpayers contribute property tax dollars to Rosecrance**

    Uhh… probably to provide the specific services they list? Just a guess.

  6. I refuse to pay for our precious Llavona’s much needed care.

    This whole thread shows the breakdown of an entire society.

    the motto of these weird programs should be “Let’s keep offenders out of jail at the taxpayers’ expense, plus we’ll transfer the taxpayers’ wealth to more parasites offering ‘services.’

  7. Rosecrance charges fees for services and receives a great deal of federal funding, along with private pay and insurance reimbursements.

  8. Just abolish the McHenry County Mental Health Board.

    It is all a waste.

    I do not appreciate government stealing from me to support worthless programs that I would never support.

    This is just part of their plan to transfer the wealth.

    It is Socialism!

    I never voted for it and I do NOT approve!

  9. Sunshine alert! Sunshine alert! Governor Rauner has decided to ask for an additional $1,000,000,000 to fund mental health services after reading sunshine commenters of this sunshine blog for just 5 minutes. Please thank him…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. If the tax reform bill passes, these grants have the effect of converting deductible donations (if made by private citizens) into non-deductible property taxes.

  11. Evil Angel, it’s your mental health that I’m concerned about.

    Susan’s spot on.

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