Advice to My Precinct Before the Spring Election

With the Crystal Lake High School majority about to do tomorrow what I predicted would happen if the teachers union-endorsed candidates won, I share my Algonquin 7 precinct letter about the District 155 part of that election:

Another election is fast approaching and, from a real estate tax viewpoint, it is the most important. You can vote early through the Monday before the April 4th election.

On the top of the list of significant elections is the Crystal Lake High School Board race. For the first time in my memory, people are running promising to cut District 155 taxes. D155 is second highest on our tax bills. And our tax bills are in the top 1% of counties throughout the United States.

A slate of four (the FINAL FOUR on the ballot) headed by McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz, John Pletz, Raphael Kamner and Scott Vetter are running against three candidates endorsed by the District 155 teacher union.

I don’t criticize the teachers for wanting friendly Board members. After all, who wouldn’t want friends on both sides of the union contract bargaining table. That is clearly in D155 high school teachers’ self-interest. Everyone acts to improve their financial condition. The average D155 salary last year was $87,363, according to the D155 2016 Educational Report Card, by the way.

Another source (Open the Books) reported 214 teachers and administrators earned over $100,000 in 2015.

The teachers’ union is supporting Ron Ludwig, Jason Blake and Nichole Pavoris.

The choice is clearly yours.

OK.  The election results did not go the way I wished and elections have consequences.

The consequence of the District 155 election is that our property taxes will be increased because those endorsed by the teachers union won.

I should note there is one anomaly.

Jason Blake, one of the those endorsed has signaled in a preliminary vote that he will oppose the real estate tax hike.

I would encourage those who think the District 155 Board should cut, rather than hike taxes to attend the Tuesday Board meeting at One South Virginia Road, Crystal Lake.  The meeting starts at 7:30.


Advice to My Precinct Before the Spring Election — 2 Comments

  1. I will be attending my first meeting and bringing other neighbors who carry significant property taxes with me.

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