Illinois Leaks Spreads McHenry County Board Message Favoring Veto of House Bill 171 Statewide

Illinois Leaks, a publication of the Edgar County Watchdogs, has really taken an interest in McHenry County.

First it was McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks and, next, former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller.

After twenty of twenty-four members of the Board (all Republicans, but three, one of whom, Michele Aavang, was out of town, Micheal Skala refused, Bob Nowak did not sign) signed a letter urging Governor Bruce Rauner to veto House Bill 171.

Published with permission here is waht Illinois Leaks’ Jim Kraft wrote about the bill:

Overwheling Majority of McHenry County Board urge Gov Rauner to veto HB-171

McHenry Co., IL. (ECWd) –In a letter dated November 14, 2017, in which 20 of the 24 elected McHenry County Board Members signed, they urged Governor Rauner to veto HB171.McHenry County is essentially the only county in which this bill would apply.The letter stated “The bill appears to have been drafted with apparently one concern, removing the authority/minimizing the role of the McHenry County Board to set/assign committee assignments, and provide that power solely to the Chairman of the Board.”This bill would permit the McHenry County Chairman to establish committees, appoint members, and appoint the chair to those committees.

We agree: This is a bad bill and should be vetoed.

Read it below:

Letter from 20 of 24 McHenry County Board members asking Governor Bruce Rauner to veto House Bill 171.

If you would like to advise the Governor of your position, you can do so here:

Or, if it is more convenient, call 217-782-0244.


Illinois Leaks Spreads McHenry County Board Message Favoring Veto of House Bill 171 Statewide — 2 Comments

  1. John Jung even signed!

    A weird miracle of sorts.

    And the Gottemoller!

    Where’s Kay Bates????

  2. Jack Franks + 4 county board members v 20 county board members.

    Republican McHenry County Board members Michele Aavang, Mike Skala, and Bob Nowak, and Democrat board member Paula Yensen, did not sign the letter.

    Jack Franks is attempting to change state law because a majority of the county board will not do what he wants.

    A local State Senator representing portions of Kane County and McHenry County State Senator, Karen McConnaughay, is a co-sponsor of the bill, but instead of voting in favor of the bill, voted Present (not for or against).

    Other local McHenry County State Senators, not sponsors of the bill, also voted Present.

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