Tina Hill Running for County Board — 18 Comments

  1. Love reading these election overtures.

    Nothing of what they’ve done or what they will do.

    Just a lot of it’s ‘all about me’ gibberish.

    This one reads like she’s doing us favor with her candidacy.

    But at least she’s not running, to fulfill her childhood dream, like that nitwit running for Judge.

  2. Will she be outa rehab them?

    Tina ‘Bigasa’ Hill self-outed herself on her childish FB page as a Hillary winged-monkey.

    She said, ‘Now I can reveal who I really am!” Look it up!

    She’s a real trip all right! A trip to the funny pages!

  3. I couldn’t help but notice that $50 is the minimum suggested donation, with no provision for ‘other’ amount.

    I’m sure that she would gladly accept smaller amounts, but $50 seems like a pretty steep starting point for donations for a County Board race, especially for a “grassroots campaign.”

  4. Nothing in there says what political party she supports?

    Partisan politics is killing this country, and County elections should be non partisan elections anyway.

  5. Lord, please spare us!

    Deliver us from the likes of Hill.


  6. Sword. No R behind her name was the point, not any way supporting in that comment.

  7. There is no such thing as D or R. There are good people and there are psychopaths. She is NOT one of the good.

  8. Cindy if you ever decide to run for anything you will get my vote and 100% support… should consider something along those thoughts..

  9. Really? I’d like to make a toast!

    A habitual government employee.

    What has she been doing for the past two years, anyone?

  10. Cindy is right. R and D are all the same, thieves and perverts with a few exceptions.

  11. Tina Hill is a Liberal Democrat who will tell any lie to get a government paycheck.

  12. I swear these comments get more and more outrageous.

    It’s funny,I’ve never been a fan of Tina’s but when I see the hatred she inspires here I think she must be OK.

  13. Joek? You mistake righteous indignation for hatred. Good honest people are sick to death for being lied to. They are angry enough to stand up and not take it anymore. If you are too dense to see what is actually going on, I suggest you step out of the way.

  14. Joek, are you sweet little Tina?

    Are you dyslexic?

    Are you for real?

    Are you Tina’s chauffer?

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