Thanks County Board Members Urging Veto of House Bill 171

McHenry County Board candidate and former County Board member Ersel Schuster offers kudos to members who signed a letter in opposition to Jack Franks’ House Bill 171:

A Thank You Note to County Board Members

Better late than never does not always give comfort; however, that is the best residents of McHenry County can expect from most of our county board members.

Specifically, we are talking about HB 171… a bill amending the County Code, giving elected county board chairmen control over the appointment of board members to committees and committee chairmen positions. I

n other words, it hands off the power to stack committees with a majority of “friendly” votes for the Chairman Jack Franks’ personal agenda.

Once again, this is an end-run around board members, especially since word is that the chairman was seen in Springfield working his ex-colleagues to pass the bill.

If this is the case, our board members have greater problems than we could have ever imagined.

This means he was lobbying for his personal-self-interest, without county board input or specific direction and, on the county taxpayers dime!

While many have worked to call this issue to our county board’s attention, members are finally beginning to grasp the unintended consequences of this legislation.

The more we learn about it, the clearer it becomes that we, McHenry County voters, are once again being kicked to the curb.

Jack Franks’ legislation was grafted onto a “shell bill” (one introduced with no substantive content) of House Speaker Mike Madigan. The bill would give Franks more power over the McHenry County Board than Madigan has over the Illinois House.

This legislation literally grew out of nowhere; arrived in Springfield during the fall veto session; and, had little discussion before moving to the governor’s desk. Most critical, there was zero input from the county boards where the repercussions of this law will land.

In other words, our own elected officials were broadsided… again.

Those pushing the bill suggest that a last-minute amendment would require county board approval of the chairman’s committee appointments.

They seemed to think that is ok.

Experience, and the record shows that our good old boys and girls on the board have been far from willing to work for us, the taxpayers, and have been unwilling to stand up for their own board rules.  [For instance, the right under County Board Rules for committee chairman to set their committee’s agenda.  Jack Franks will not allow that.  He sets all committee agendas.]

Having made these comments, thanks must be given when/where thanks are due.

In that spirit, thank you McHenry County Board members for drafting a letter to the governor asking him to veto HB 171.

Thanks also to those members who made themselves available to sign the document. Not available, or refusing to sign, were:

  • Michele Aavang
  • Mike Skala
  • Robert Nowak
  • Paula Yensen

Assuming the governor has not signed this bill at the time this is posted, you are urged to let him know that he should veto HB 171 until those local entities, affected by such legislation, have an opportunity to participate in the discussion necessary to make an informed decision on the matter.

Send your comments to:
Or, if it is more convenient, call 217-782-0244


Thanks County Board Members Urging Veto of House Bill 171 — 11 Comments

  1. Ersel, the long suffering people of McHenry County THANK YOU!

  2. Ersel means well and does well.

    She’ll grab Jack ‘the jackal’ Franks’ very own devil’s pitchfork out of his diseased hands, and impale him with it!

  3. The Chairman would not have to get advise and consent of the Board to eliminate existing committees, only to constitute new ones.

    This means that we could see another December Debacle where he simply dissolves all of the existing committees and takes over their work himself, leaving the full board to be overwhelmed by resolutions, appointments and contract approvals that were not vetted in committees at once a month Committee of the Whole meetings.

    Faced with a meeting that could stretch several hours, Members will throw up their hands and just agree to everything on the agenda.

    The Board will effectively cease to exist.

  4. The Board should cut the Chair’s pay before the 2020 election cycle commences.

    I believe that the Chair has to be paid a minimum of 1 1/2 times what an ordinary Board Member gets.

    They should cut the pay to that, or whatever the legal minimum is.

    It’s supposed to be a part time job, and it should be compensated as such.

  5. Re: “The Board will effectively cease to exist.”

    Through threats and intimidation plus courting the RINOs on the Board, the “round mound” has already accomplished this.

    The only hope is that we get enough new conservative blood on the Board to overcome the Progressive tsunami being supported by the RINOs.

  6. Aavang is a Hillaryite.

    Skala is a blackmailee.

    Nowak is a fool.

  7. Does Ersel not understand that Franks is not a member of the board and therefore do not need their permission?

    Does she not understand that Franks is a countywide elected official just like the States Attorney?

    Does she not understand that the office is now different?

    Does she have any proof that Franks charged the taxpayers for a trip to Springfield?

    Does she think it’s OK to slander people without any truth?

    Does she also know that down state chairman already have this power without advice and consent of their boards and that this is only done to instill checks and balances regardless of who the chair is?

  8. The office is NOT different just because it is county wide elected.

    It only becomes different if the Board does not stand behind it’s own rules, or those rules aren’t undermined by end run legislation in Springfield.

    It is ironic that during 18 years in Springfield, Rep Franks hardly got any of his “headline” bills passed but when there is something that increases his personal power, he has no difficulty getting that through in record time.

  9. I hope people here have been out getting their petition signatures this weekend.

    First day to file is MONDAY.

    Be in line for the drawing for first position.

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