Ex-Detroit Operating Engineer Boss Admits Spending Kickback Money on Daughter’s Wedding, Other Personal Stuff

Found this article on Marathon Pundit:

From the Detroit News:

The former head of Operating Engineers Local 324 struck a plea deal with federal prosecutors Friday, admitting he forced union workers and officials to pay kickbacks that he blew on booze, meals and his daughter’s wedding.

John Hamilton, 62, of Rivera Beach, Florida, reached the plea deal three weeks before he was scheduled to stand trial in federal court. Hamilton faces up to five years in federal prison and has agreed to pay $250,000 restitution to victims of the crime, prosecutors said Friday.

He will be sentenced Jan. 16 by U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman.

Hamilton, who was indicted two years ago, admitted conspiring to violate the Hobbs Act with at least two other leaders of Detroit-based Local 324, which represents 18,000 heavy equipment and crane operators throughout the state.


Ex-Detroit Operating Engineer Boss Admits Spending Kickback Money on Daughter’s Wedding, Other Personal Stuff — 11 Comments

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  2. I’m beginning to realize just why people always refer to us as the next Derroit!

    “tick tock” indeed.

    Someone’s day is a long time coming,

    Great example of another crooked thug politician going down.

  3. Why does fallen angel call Skinner the freeloader?

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    Are you, once again, projecting little Llavona?

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  4. Truth and Rickey, I like the way you think.

    LLavona is a Hit and Run kinda guy.

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