Joe Tirio Draws GOP Opponent for County Clerk

According to the McHenry County Clerk’s web site, McHenry County Recorder Joe Tirio, who based his campaign for that office on eliminating that elected official, putting it under the County Clerk, has drawn an opponent for County Clerk.

Her name is Janice Dalton and she lives at 1202 S. Green Street in McHenry.

She is a former McHenry City Clerk.

She served for sixteen years.

Republican Sheriff Bill Prim and Treasurer Glenda Miller stand unopposed.

No Democrats have filed for countywide administrative posts.


Joe Tirio Draws GOP Opponent for County Clerk — 10 Comments

  1. With Dalton being from McHenry, was she recruited by Althoff?

  2. Althoff the evil, reeking creature behind so much bad in the County.

    But at least she won’t be one of vampires at Springfield anymore!

    Like Franks, she sucked that corpse dry and moved on to batten her proboscis back on what’s left of McHenry County.

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm …. who will be worse?

    Althoff or Franks????

    That’s a tough question I really can’t answer!

    Just don’t ask anybody in the Althoff family bc they won’t say Franks is the worst between the two!

    I wonder if Franks will snag some of them for a hit piece on dearest Pam when they run against each other for County Commissar.

  4. If Althoff runs for County Chair I hope someone will run against her!

    If they win they will defeat Franks!

    Unfortunately they both have bank rolls that no one can compete with.

  5. 16 yr incumbent City Clerk for McHenry that lost to a Write-in?!!


    This sounds like an Althoff recruit.

    Sue Low was appointed to Mayor by her relation, Althoff when then mayor Althoff decided to leave Mayorship for Springfield.

    Janice Jones, now Janice Dalton worked for Mayor Low, Althoffs relation and appointed mayor til she lost to Write-in Lynzie Nevitt.

    No contest.


  6. Sitbd is a wise sage.

    Janice Dalton is really scrapin’ the bottom of the candy-date barrel.

    She’s a big LGBTQ supporter who was a reference for the ‘transgendered’ creature recently hired by the McHenry City library.

    Puppetmaster Althoff is to blame for Dalton. There’s going to be a series of scandals on little Janice. watch and wait!

  7. Swordfish, 1953 called.

    Said for you to come back to where you belong.

  8. I don’t doubt what you said, Swordfish.

    Seems to be at the bottom of everything new world order these days.

    When are the sheeple going to wake up?

    If you are that compromised in your morals and lack of integrity how far behind can corruption be?

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