Commenter Nob and Kirk Allen of Illinois Leaks Interact

Illinois Leaks Kirk Allen read a long comment from “Nob” and offered a reply.

Allen’s replies follow Nob’s questions and comments in boldface type.

Lots of questions Kirk Allen:

“As it relates to the position claiming she has to be present in order for a meeting to be held, four days prior to my article she was advised by legal counsel on that matter and we were correct in our assertion.”

Your article was dated Nov 26, and she received the legal opinion Nov 22, which according to the township lawyer was to late already.

Do you think since it was discussed earlier Nov 20, the township lawyer was lacking in being timely, or just incompetent, or had to look it up because of ignorance? The lawyer had advised in time to get it done according to those I spoke with.

““Further, you stated on November 20 you stated that you would have the notice published.”

Is this taken out of context since she needed the meeting info from the Supervisor and also must of asked for a legal opinion at the same time and didn’t get either till Nov 22. To late wasn’t it? It wasn’t too late on the 20th when she advised it would get done. She did not need to wait on anything from the Supervisor as it was HER duty, not the Supervisors.

““I am not appointing a deputy clerk at this time.”

I wonder what happened between November 22nd, 2017, when she said she is not appointing a deputy clerk at this time and November 25th, 2017, where she changed positions on the subject as part of her excuse for FOIA compliance?”

So since we know the records have been rifled through by various people or you probably wouldn’t have the records you do, and you yourself complained in a post on Nov 24 of not getting a FOIA request completed, and she also is dealing with other requests for records, since she is a rookie, maybe she now realizes she can’t save any $$$$ and needs help, don’t ya think cutting her some slack since the past Clerk, now Supervisor isn’t helping her? Thus my question, what happen between that time frame. Supervisor is not in charge of the records and after 6 months in office she should have a handle on where records are at in my opinion.

“Additionally, the email communications appear to point to a little kingdom feud going on.”

Sure, the past Clerk now Supervisor let the New Road Commissioner, a new Board member, and who knows else rifle through the records. Public officials shall not be forbidden right to access records applicable to their job, as directed by the courts!

The new Clerk claims records are missing, we have a new patronage worker Ryan, who started less than a year ago at $13 per hour, now making $33 per hour giving her smit. OK

So if you were in her position, and didn’t even get access to all the records for almost a month, would you be happy? If I was not given access I would have TAKEN access as the clerk is the custodian of the records. Not concerned with her happiness.

Do you think the Township lawyer is obstructing since he needs the good will of the Supervisor to keep his position? Have no clue but NOTHING surprises me with lawyers.

Since you’ve already printed copies of records while not getting your FOIA info, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure where you and the McHenry County Blog are getting leaks from. Oh please do tell! To date I have NO CLUE who provided a flash drive of information in our mail box at the office.

“It is becoming clear the Algonquin Township Clerk, Karen Lukasik, is either obstructing the operations of the Township or at a minimum completely ignorant of what her obligations are.”

Completely ignorant is a false opinion of course, all the new people elected at Alg Twh except the Supervisor are rookies, some ignorance of all the different laws should be expected. You don’t thinks so? No, not to the level being displayed by this clerk. It takes just a few minutes to read the applicable statutes on a subject and then act on them. If I can figure it out, and Im not a clerk or an attorney, why cant she?

Why has there been no Watch dogging on the Supervisor who just took the 5th in relationship to new camera’s placement? PLEASE provide the information on that. We are over 4 hours away and have no information on this.

Kirk you said you don’t play games, yet you frame your posts in a way that is nothing more than political waltzing, which sir is playing games! We welcome your opinion. Don’t know the players or the political make up of this board and don’t care.


Commenter Nob and Kirk Allen of Illinois Leaks Interact — 19 Comments

  1. First… It is hard to take access when everyone around you is playing games and won’t give you access.

    Then installs a spy camera.

    I highly suggest you start looking into the Supervisor.

    The man can’t even run a meeting.

    Second… I find it ironic that you received a flash drive in your mailbox just days after Highway Commissioner Gasser was overheard on the phone by a local resident offering to drop off a flash drive of information.

    Even more ironic is that Edgar County is on Mr. Gasser’s way to Mississippi to visit his significant other.

    I wonder who dropped off that flash drive.

  2. More info:

    On November 16, the McHenry County Circuit Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Algonquin Township Road District, in which the District sought to declare its collective bargaining agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 null and void.

    Road District attorney Robert Hanlon argued that this particular agreement exceeded the authority of the Highway Commissioner, but the judge dismissed the case, saying that the Road District did not state a claim upon which relief could be granted.

    The court allowed the Road District 21 days to refile the action if it could present a meritorious challenge to the agreement.

    The next court date is currently scheduled for January 12, 2018.

    “We are pleased with the judge’s dismissal of this lawsuit,” said Local 150 President-Business Manager James M. Sweeney.

    “It is our hope that the taxpayers in Algonquin Township will not have fund additional litigation on an argument that we believe was clearly refuted.”

  3. No fan of Gasser but this is nothing more than a smear campaign against Lutzow and Gasser.

    Look, Gasser is an asshole and you cannot build a party around him but he didn’t put Disneyland tickets on the government credit card.

    It starts at Disneyland and it only gets worse.

    Everyday, in spite of obstructionist behavior, we find out more from the Edgar County Watchdogs than we do from the Northwest Herald.

    Everything nob is complaining about is deflect and distract from the issues being presented.

    Never does nob, or others, say that the information isn’t true.

    I wish the clerk would publish all the bills and put it to bed.

  4. I’d think we’d need a third party to check if all the records are there first.

  5. The facts are out there and your agenda is clear nob.

    I never want to see Gasser in a leadership position again but you are kidding yourself, much like all the other townies, who think there is nothing wrong with Algonquin Township.

    Don Kopsell thinks Andrew Gasser is the biggest mistake ever to happen to the State of Illinois?

    Are you frigging kidding me?

    No one likes the legal bills but gasbagger never bought tix to Disneyland or put his corvette on the government ipass.

    Those are facts nob.

  6. Whatever nob.

    The northwest herald is anything but fair and balanced. Gasser inherited a carefully crafted mess.

    The northwest herald has done an absolutely horrible job of doing any real investigative work into the township.

    You were a township employee who is protecting your former boss.

    Gasser is done just ask him.

    Gasser will not have a pension for us to pay unlike his predecessor.

    He is draining the swamp and politicians do not like it.

    Gasser is persona non grata.

    No one likes him.

    No one will support him.

    He has no one who will support him.

    As for the Kopsell quote does anyone reading this really think gasbagger is worse than Madigan, Blago, or Rostenkowski?

    If you do, you are high…

  7. I s that the same Don Kopsell who put his kid on the Nunda payroll after he was elected and then his previously unemployable wife on as his assistant?

    At far more money than she had ever seen in her life with no qualifications for the job?

  8. The NWH and this blog are both bias, thats why it’s good to hear it all before making one’s opinion.

    I’m consentrating on the future, what happened in the past now that we know more is going to happen no matter what.

    Your opinion of me is flawed, whatever.

  9. @Nob

    If this blog is so biased then why is your post here, and why do you continue
    to post here ?

    What about other posters such as the our resident gibbering troll Angel, et al ?

    Your complaint is unfounded.

    And further, MCB does not pretend to be anything other than what it is.

  10. Abe, if one only listens to one side by choice, one is half ignorant by choice.

    There is good info here, no one said otherwise.

  11. Seems like you should open your eyes then Nob……..your sure only defend your side!

  12. Joe when people on this blog was beating up on Andrew for working with Jack to lower our County levy, I defended him.

    When Andrew made mistakes on bidding the new bridge, it took three bids to get it right, I also defended him as he is a rookie, rookie’s make mistakes, and no one got hurt either.

    Your use of ONLY is nonsense.

  13. Jesus Christ it looks like Hanlon let Gasser out of the closet.

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