Email Attacks “Unethical” McClellan

With only one women and three or four men in the countywide race for a spot on the McHenry County Circuit Court, it is little wonder that one of the men have decided that McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan needs to have her negatives increase if he is to have a chance of victory.

Wednesday, an email hit local computers from something called the McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC.

Hitting the “Read more” button yields the following


Updated: 10 hours ago

“I just couldn’t wrap my head around it,” Committee Chairman John Jung, R-Woodstock, said. “To be honest, the big gorilla in the room was her husband.”

The above sums up the nepotism that County Clerk Mary McClellan has instilled in her office. Using taxpayer funds, she hired her husband, who had no previous experience or qualifications for the position of election administrative analyst. Let’s not forget about the epic 2016 election day meltdown in McHenry County.

But wait – it gets better!

Hiring her husband on the taxpayer’s dime was just the beginning. She then tried to increase his pay and put him on salary. Take a look at the proposal.

Crystal Lake businessman Joe Alger, who was at the meeting, put it beautifully. “Of everyone else in the county, or within a 20-mile radius, he happens to be the most qualified person, and happens to be married to her? That would be more divine intervention than coincidence,” Alger said. “If I want to live in that kind of a world, I’ll move to Chicago where I can buy my alderman.”

Even fellow Republicans were bewildered by the hiring and proposal to pay McClellan’s husband more.

Republican Committee member Diane Eversten said, “There is no doubt in my mind as to why people have such a dim view of elected officials.”

But wait – it gets even better!

McClellan’s proposal also asked to lower pay for two other positions!

One wonders what the driving force was to reduce the pay for those positions. Possibly the request to make her husband a salaried employee.

In true Illinois fashion, Clerk McClellan is now seeking a promotion to Circuit Court judge!
A judge need to be above reproach. Mary McClellan has shown she is not.

Let’s stop this crazy train before it goes any further. Illinois is known for political shadiness but what’s going on in McHenry County takes the cake.

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Email Attacks “Unethical” McClellan — 40 Comments

  1. Demetri’s crew also went negative against Cowlin.

    Worked out awesomely for him.

  2. She must have some supporters somewhere, but it will be interesting to see if any well known pols or public figures will be willing to put their reputations on the line by endorsing her.

  3. Time to drain the swamp at the MC circuit clerks office.

    Flush these turds now and get a fresh start with someone new and qualified.

  4. McClellan is a true conservative and has the knowledge and experience so they are trying to attack her personally.

  5. The little pop-tart isn’t use to such rough treatment, and this is just the start!

    Wait for the better ones to come … hubby’s dainty record will be reviewed.

  6. Voting for someone whose responsible for voting machines?

    Especially with her track record?

    Conflict of Interest?

  7. Dear Sunshine blogger: Today is Thursday. Where is today’s Jack D. Franks hit story? Wait a minute! It was posted just below this one…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Yeah Billy Bob, she has fans.

    The disgraced Alg. Twnshp Hwy Cmsnr is a fan of hers and the Unions!

    Nuff said!

  9. Slander only works when it’s not true.

    Name one thing that’s not true.

  10. Pacco?

    See Moderate for her pond slime remarks.

    She is the champion of slander.

    I laugh at your stupid threat.

  11. Let me apologize in advance, but I can’t stop myself.

    She hired her husband to say “Good Job Honey”.

    You can’t make this kind of stuff up.

  12. The previous county clerk hired her husband but nobody speaks ill of the lovely Kathy Shultz who if she had a Brain, she would have it out playing with it.

    And we wont mention her son Tim Shultz who worked int the clerks office under his mother for over 8 years who now has a crush job in IT, because momma made sure he had a job before she left. LOL

    Her deputy clerk was her cousin, Terry Madden that’s right, LOL

    Oh, Your lovely elected county auditor Pam Palmers sister, Linda Gieske who worked in the clerks office making top dollar had it pretty well thanks to Mrs. Shultz.

    Who also currently works for Leslie Shermerhorn the regional superintendent of schools.

    Cal Why dont you write about these indiscretions?

    Until you address the issues, your point is mute!

  13. joseywhales had just committed a logical fallacy where someone gets to ignore a criticism because someone else is guilty of the same thing.

    This is a common tactic among brainwashed partisan people who lack integrity.

    Cal should really throw them all under the bus, but I wouldn’t say his “point is mute.”

  14. Also, it’s not “his” point.

    He is simply reporting on an email he received for an upcoming election.

    I received this email too.

    Find out who is behind this PAC.

    It’s probably one of her opponents.

  15. Attagirl, Pam!

    Threaten litigation to the people you’re trying to get votes from, while endorsing idiots that have demonstrated track records of incompetence.


  16. Cal you dont know Pam Palmers sister because Pam Palmer passed petitions for Joe Tirio

  17. You people are great. I get some good laughs from you all. The remark about a point being silent instead of moot was hilarious. I just love how you guys get so mad that you can’t grasp the language.

  18. Whether Kathy Schultz hired these people or not is mute at this point.

    When you start trying to get rid of people now and their indiscretions is the point.

    If you keep letting it go then everyone is the problem.

    Just like pensions you have to start somewhere.

    The past 2-3 election cycles have proven a good thing overall.

    Don’t let Mary McClellan get away with it anymore!

    Her husband had no business getting that job period.

    Plus she has done a poor job in the Clerk’s office!

    Time for her to move back to private sector or I am sure she will turn up working for some State’s Attorney’s office.

  19. All nepotism reeks!

    Kathy Shultz is laughing at the ‘McHenry rubes’ in AZ, but bad things happen to bad people. and her new ‘Centegra Administrator (retired) of a husband has been implicated in some very ‘nice’ skullduggery that will break publicly next spring.

  20. There’s that silent word again. Come on people – there’s a huge difference between mute and moot. Where did you git yur learnin’?

  21. MCCLELLAN has done a great job in the clerks office I am not sure where you get your information.

    Her husband is over qualified to do the work he is doing and has saved the tax payers 5 x his salary from what it cost to out source th work.

    Oh yea we don’t want to talk about the truth just hate and lies

  22. I have a question if anyone has the answer, please response.

    Does anyone here know what McClellan’s husband did (meaning work) before he landed this sweet job?

    Thank you 😊

  23. That’s not truth that you are espousing, Onlythe. That is a subjective opinion.

  24. After reading ALL these comments I only see So much anger, So much jealousy, So many innuendos.

    It is a sad world we live in…

  25. Joseywhales Check your facts BEFORE posting.

    Kathy Schultz’s husband was NEVER an employee of the Clerks office.

    He did work Election day AS MANY others did for little pay to help.

    Her son was also NEVER an employee of the office.

    He has worked in IT from the day he was hired. a simple FOIA will confirm the FACTS!

    Mary brought in her husband and fired the person doing the job Her husband holds now.

    A person who did it very well.

    Her husband is a County Clerk employee and and according to staff has the power to fire anyone that crosses him!

  26. Just my opinion Tim Schultz might have been paid under IT and Kathie Schultz

  27. Tim Shultz was assigned the Clerks office his duties were to service the clerk’s office only so he might have been an employee of IT but he worked for his mother solely. So call it what you want but McHenry County is full of employees who are related to their boss I can list many elected officials who hired family and it has never been raised except in this instance. Get a life

  28. Thank You!

    “Get a life” says it all about the maturity and ethical factor of her followers.

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