Former Jack Franks’ Staffer Wants to Know Who Signs Steve Reick’s Petition Asking for Veto of House Bill 171

Take a look at this photo from the 2011 McHenry County Fair:

Jack Franks staffer Parker Happ mans the Jack Franks tent, smiling as he did last year when my photo was good enough to end up on his Facebook’s front page.

The name Parker Happ appears in the cutline of the photo above.

Since 2010, Happ has been paid $30,512.70 by Jack Franks’ Political Action Committee.

Now, Happ shows up as the one filing a Freedom of Information request for the names of those who signed State Rep. Steve Reick’s petition opposing Jack Franks-inspired House Bill 171.

That’s the bill that would give McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks more power over the McHenry County Board than House Speaker Mike Madigan has over the Illinois House.

In the Illinois House, you see, Madigan does not have the power to appoint Republicans to committees.

The House Republican Leader does that.

If Governor Bruce Rauner signs HB 171, Franks will be able to place the twenty-three GOP members on the County Board to any (or no) committees as he wishes.

Besides signing Rep. Reick’s petition, you let Governor Bruce Rauner know he should veto HB 171 by sending¬†your comments to:¬†

Or, if it is more convenient, call 217-782-0244.


Former Jack Franks’ Staffer Wants to Know Who Signs Steve Reick’s Petition Asking for Veto of House Bill 171 — 17 Comments

  1. This prompted me to sign it.

    I want to be on that porkchop’s ‘enemies list’.

  2. Wow!

    What might be the purpose of knowing who signed the Petition?

    What is that guy going to do with the names?

    Notice that the guy in the picture has a roll of toilet paper in front of him on the table.

    Is there significance in association with the person he supports?

  3. There is no difference to the hundreds of foia request Cal uses to obtain information.

    I am sure Cal used foia to get the copy of the letter by Parker.

  4. PACCO

    P is for Pam

    A is for Althoff

    C is for can’t

    C is for come up with a better

    O is for opening blog-name

  5. @bred winner

    Maybe we could all chip in and get some custom toilet paper made with the Franks logo printed on every sheet.

    I still have a roll or two of extra soft Obama tp somewhere.

  6. In the picture Parker Happ is sporting the same Jack Franks political sticker on his shirt that was worn by Jack Franks patronage hire Oliver Serafini while Mr. Serafini was working as a county employee at a county booth at the McHenry Chamber of Commerce expo as photographed by County Board member Chuck Wheeler on Saturday February 25, 2016.


    The Jack Franks team wants to know who is opposed to legislation that transfers board committee power from McHenry County board members to the McHenry County Board chair?

    Jack Franks has made and proposed many changes to county board rules since being elected county board chair, and has had many battles with county board members over committees.

    For instance, on Tuesday December 21, 2016, the County Board voted 14 – 9 to overturn Democrat Jack Franks’ wish to appoint Democrat Paula Yensen to the then newly formed Public Health and Community Services Committee, instead appointing Republican Chuck Wheeler.


    An Amazon employee in the northeast is apparently helping the Franks team during workday hours.

    The email from Mr. Happ is time and date stamped Wednesday November 29, 2017 at 1:29PM central time.


    Parker Happ was also paid by state taxpayers for government work.


    Open the Books

    Annual Wages – $1,117

    Area of Government – State Level Employees

    Employer Name – House of Representatives (a)

    Job Title – Contractual Worker

    Name – Happ Parker

    Year – 2014

    Zip Code – 60115 > State > Salaries > Recipient Name

    What government business he performed in that capacity is unknown.

    The person in charge of the House at that time was Michael Madigan.


    Brad Bolin is Assistant Chief Clerk at the Illinois House.

    Thus he is a state employee.

    Per Open the Books

    2016 – $125,864

    2015 – $123,396

    2014 – $120,758

  7. Regarding local legislator votes on HB 171 in the 100th General Assembly.

    In the Senate, Pam Althoff, Dan McConchie, and Karen McConnaughay all voted present (neither for nor against).

    Karen McConnaughay is a co-sponsor of the bill.

    In the House, Steve Andersson voted for the bill.

    Dave McSweeney, Steve Reick, Allen Skillicorn, and Barb Wheeler all voted against the bill.

    All are Republicans.

  8. Did Parker Happ just delete all his social media references to and pictures with Jack Franks?

    Does Parker Happ really fancy himself some kind of future senator?

    (Twitter handle is senphapp)


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