6,200 New Jobs Reported in Will County

With Governor Bruce Rauner bragging about the number of new jobs in DeKalb County, this story about new jobs in Will County caught my attention.

The main speaker was Intersect Illinois President and CEO Mark Peterson.

“If everyone did what Will County was doing, Illinois would be a very different state,” Peterson said, according to the Daily Southtown.

The most interesting part of his speak was the following:

“Everyone gets wound about the politics of it.

“We need to deleverage the politics.

“They are irrelevant.”


6,200 New Jobs Reported in Will County — 4 Comments

  1. “deleverage the politics”?

    Is that the message your tax incentive, grant masters in Springfield told you to relay?

    Meanwhile Forbes just ranked Illinois nearly at the bottom for Business Climate in the Nation.

  2. Move Along nothing to see here.

    When in fact it’s just the opposite.

    Democratic Party politicians and Democratic Party politics are killing this state.

    And the RHINOs that support them are running a close second.

  3. Would be helpful if the Daily Southtown / Chicago Tribune article also noted the details of any tax and other economic development incentives that went along with the 6,200 new jobs.

    Economic development incentives are the result of politics.


    Will County Center for Economic Development


    – State of Illinois EDGE Tax Credit Program

    – Will County Tax Abatement Program

    – Enterprise Zones

    – DesPlaines River Valley Enterprise Zone

    – Joliet Arsenal Enterprise Zone

    – Will Cook Enterprise Zone

    – Diamond Enterprise Zone

    – Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

    – Nicor Gas (An AGL Resources Company) Energy Efficiency Program

    – Will Kankakee Regional Development Authority (WKRDA)



    Illinois Policy Institute

    Cook County Has Largest Population Loss of Any County in the U.S.

    by Michael Lucci

    March 23, 3027

    “Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane, McHenry, Will counties see net out-migration to other parts of the U.S.”

    “Cook County’s net out-migration of 66,244 people was followed by net out-migration of 9,171 people from DuPage; 5,179 from Lake; 1,824 from Kane; 1,589 from McHenry; and 1,253 from Will.”

    “Kane County and Will County managed to have population gains despite their out-migration problems.”

    The measurement period was July 2015 – July 2016.

    The source was the U.S. Census Bureau.

    Note: Domestic out migration in this case is more people moving from the specified Illinois county to another state, than moving from another state to that Illinois county.

    Thus births, deaths, moving from the specified Illinois county to outside the U.S., and moving from outside the U.S. to the specified Illinois county are not considered in domestic in and out migration.


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